Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dear 37.....

as today closes in i am bidding you a farewell....


you have been pretty good to me....
you brought me....

another great year with my 4 children and hubby

amazing, new friendships through this fabulous blogging world

a fantastically fun girls weekend at the beach

a trip back to illinois with my oldest and a surprise
visit mid vaca from my hubby (a moment in time i would relive over and over and over!!)

family visiting me in cali

a blast at the U2 concert

a most wonderful day with my mom and dad at dodger stadium....
being down on the field while the Cubs and Dodgers
had batting practice (my dad was in heaven....really fun to see)

new found courage after attending my first art retreat

participation in this terrific cause (check it out...go jump someone!!)

an absolutely magical circle of women....
whom i fondly call my unearth babes (you know who you are!!!)

a deep friendship with this gor-juss soul whom i thank my lucky stars for

many fun times with family and friends...more than i feel i deserve

good health

and last but certainly not least

10 extra pounds....this one,


i am NOT happy about....together with my first gray eyebrow (what the what?!?!?)
and a couple new little whiskers on the chin!!!!!

overall 37 was a wonderful year and i am so thankful....
a year of change, a year of growth, a year of new found awareness,
a year of many blessings and new friendships....
so with that said....


sending love and wishing everyone a very bless-ed Easter


  1. Oh sweer girl you make my day. I love your zest for life. I know now why the Beach Boy's sang I wish they all could be California Girl's. You are so awesome.
    Have a Blessed Easter.
    Love ya,Debbie

  2. oh beautiful bestest most sincere sweet caring heartwing scarf soul sister of mine...
    i am crying.
    there are not words.
    that.s one of the things i LOVE about the blessing of our friendship is that often times, neither of us needs words...we just "get" each other.
    your 37th year was so sweet to me as well because it brought an angel into my life.
    an angel i was searching for but could never find! thank you 37th year of kolleen.s life for being so good to me too.
    i love you K.
    i get goosebumps thinking about the next 37 years of our friendship....ohhhhh the fun and wonder we are going to create together.
    i love you so very much.
    what a beautiful day to celebrate your birthday!
    breath it all in baby girl!
    your spot in my heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day.

  3. just saying i love ya.....

  4. and i love you too, birthday girl. thirty eight's a good numba. if indeed i can remember back that far. wait, yes i can and it was mostly marvelous. you got it goin' on my sweet friend. wring all the joy you can out of this year. it will be sweet nectar and it will bring bountiful things your way. happy birthday, k. love

  5. Happy, happy birthday my wonderful new friend. I love your letter to 37 and hope 38 is a fabulous year.

  6. Sending many birthday blessings your way and wishing you much Easter joy! Tammy

  7. Oh, Kolleen,you are an inspiration. I just love your zest for life, the joy you exude, the love you share, and I love you!! Have a most wonderful day! I can't wait to see what next year brings for you!! Love, Silke

  8. happy birthday kolleen! as chrissy noted on her posting today, you are sooo gorgeous!!
    i love what you say on your posting today, from the tender & deep appreciations of your relationships, to the hilarious recognition of weight gain & whiskers (sing it, sister!!), & i adore your statement "38, you are all mine..." powerful & profound!
    you are love sizzling in the easter frying pan. :) xoxox

  9. Happy Birthday Miss Kolleen! What I wouldn't give to be 38 again. Checking my blog today for the first time in nine days and wanted to wish you and everyone you love, the Happiest Easter Ever! You have such an appreciation for life and living, and share yourself with such openness and gladness of heart...I learn from you each time I pop by.

    Blessings and Sunshine On This Most Glorious Easter Morning, Terri

  10. Happy Birthday Kolleen! I hope the day surrounds you with friendship, family and love. xx

  11. happy Birthday my sweet friend...god bless you...and I so love you and all that I see you are..You glow with sweetness and love...

  12. Have a wonderful birthday! I hope your next year is a good as this last one! Thanks for always being so positive and sweet to me!

  13. Wow - I see everyone else has already beaten me to wishing you the bestest ever of happy birthdays!! Sweet Chrissy brought tears to my eyes with what she wrote - it has been such an inspiration to see the friendship between the 2 of you blossom, just a very, very special thing. I consider it an honor to know both of you and call you my friends as well!!!

    Would I like to be 38 again?? Well, sure, but I would want to know everything I know now.... you seem so far ahead of where I was at that age...just continuing to blossom in beauty, wisdom and love. I loved reading about year 37 and I know 38 is going to be a great one too. I look forward to sharing in your journey!!!

    Special Birthday XOXOXOXOX's


  14. I have those strange chin whiskers too. That is one gift I wouldn't mind returning. ;)

    Happy happy birthday, dear Kolleen! You are a gift to all of us - and I hope that your 38th year is the most magical year yet.

    Surrounding you with love - today and always.

  15. dearest dear kolleen,
    i wish you the happiest of days today and always. you are such a bright and beautiful light in the world. sending you love, love and more love!

  16. Happy belated birthday Kolleen! Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog, it is lovely to meet you here. I hope you had a fabulous special day! Erin : )

  17. happy birthday! you are such an inspiration and i love that you speak so well from your heart. best wishes for this new and wonderful year :) xoxo, juliette

  18. oh kolleen, you're such a young'n! Wishing you so many blessings in your 38th year! You are beautiful outside and inside! I love your energy and love of life! And your creativeness and openness...I know this is late...but keep celebrating!!! Happy 38th, Kolleen!!!! xoxoxo

  19. Happy birthday!!!!! I hope it was as lovely as you are. I love how grateful you are- reading this post uplifted my spirits :)

  20. Happy belated Birthday!!! I hope you have another wonderful year!

  21. I love how you summerized the year...I hope I remember to do that on my next bday!


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