Saturday, February 28, 2009


i am so happy to say that i am officially able to cross something off of my "bucket list" today!! YEA!!!! I actually was born and raised in small town Illinois but never managed to go ice skating...I know - strange, huh?? So today my 9 year old daughter wanted to go ice skating for her birthday with 3 of her friends. Not able to say no to her very often, I knew this was an opportunity to do something fun with her and her friends but to also cross something off my list.

It is so funny how as we get older we become so much more cautious. At least I do anyway. I put my skates on with some anxiety inside and slowly made my way out onto the rink. Hesitantly stepping out on the ice, I grabbed the wall and held on for dear life!!! Of course, my daughter and her friends are whizzing around me, yelling "come on mom!!" I was so scared someone was going to knock me on my butt or run me over since I was barely creeping along the side wall. Needless to say I slowly but surely got the hang of it and was able to make it around the rink several times without any help!! WHOO HOO!!! I even picked up a little speed towards the end of our day...and didn't fall once!!!


  1. Well done you!
    I am terrible at ice skating, well anything that requires balancing actually ;)
    Last time I went I was still at school though so lets see thats erm....18 years ago?

  2. Hi. Sorry I'm so slow at getting back to you about adding music to your blog. If you go to my blog, in the sidebar near the top you'll see a list of my music that is playing. Click on create your own playlist and it will tell you what to do from there.

    My son's ice hockey team is having an end of season/free skate party. The parents can skate if they wish. I was not good at it as a kid and I doubt if I've gotten better w/ age. I may have to pass. I'd likely break a hip. :)


  3. brave girl..
    hope you're having a great weekend...
    ps..let me know when you're ready to sell..
    mona & the girls

  4. Hiya K,
    Can ya please visit my blog?
    I have a special surprise for ya. Hope ya having a wonderful day! Hugs~


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