Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I painted this sweet girl to hang on the door entering my daughters' bedroom. It states to "live a grand life". This is EXACTLY what I want my daughters to do. And I do not mean "grand" in the sense of riches and material things...I mean "grand" in the sense of following your dreams, believing in all things possible, showing kindness towards others and treating those the way you would like to be treated. I hope I can portray this to them in the life that I live.

My sweet girl who tells us to "believe" is also something I want to portray to those in my life. (She is not quite finished, still working on her). I do believe that Magic is all around us, just sometimes we have to open our eyes a bit wider to truly see our ears a bit more to truly hear it...believe a bit stronger to truly feel it. I hope all of you out there are living grand lives and believing in magic through the process! xoxox


i heart love notes....