Monday, February 16, 2009


I had such a great weekend with my kids! My two youngest daughters saw snow for the very first time a couple of days ago! It was so cool to see their initial reaction to the fluffy, fun white stuff! We had snowball fights, went sledding, took an amazing walk listening to all the sounds nature has in store for us. I was so grateful and drinking up those moments with my babies! Those "firsts" will never happen to us again and to be present for them is more than I could ever ask for!


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    Good Luck.

  2. they grow up to fast...
    one day you think how am I going to last..
    and the next their out on their own..
    enjoy these times....
    all our love
    mona & the gaffer girls...
    ps.. here is some marketing help...
    they have a pretty neat page....

  3. alright now I feel buggy but I can't help it .. found this tooo..
    good luck

    I think I'll get one too .. lots of the glass girls are using them....

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've added ya to mine as well.
    Enjoy ya babes as they to tend to grow when ya not looking. We haven't seen a good snow since 1980. The weathermen enjoy teasing me when they say we will get snow. To them if they see a flake it's snow.To me I want at least a few inches and it to stay around for a few days if not weeks. lol
    I hope ya enjoying ya day.


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