Tuesday, February 10, 2009


What can I say...Hope CAN change it all...don't you think?? I finally drummed up the courage to post some of my artwork on my blog. I have been totally intimidated to do this...but then I thought what the ?!?!?! I do truly believe with Hope we can change so much...just having Hope on a daily basis simply changes our attitude and how we act and react in our everyday lives! So cheers to HOPE!!!! : )


  1. Hi hun, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!
    As for art workshops, I only know of a few resources.
    http://suziblu.ning.com/ is fabulous for artists starting out on their creative journey!! and also this book by kelly rae roberts has been a massive inspiration to a lot of artists too: http://www.kellyraeroberts.com/takingflighttheb.html

    Hope this helps?

    Micki x

  2. THanks for visiting, today. As far as answering your question about art workshops or fests...I am not sure. There are a few clases you can take right on the net. Gritty Jane teaches how to make a paper clay doll. Creators touch is doing a different kind of doll / door greater. Myself, I just have collected books on what I am interested in. Some I never do anything with and give the books away eventually.

    Finding what you like and are good at can take time. I started painting, knitting and upholstering furniture...then I started making dolls and now I am still doing a ton of things I enjoy.

    Right now I am learning rug hooking.

  3. Kudos to you for putting up your art on your blog. Its unique and colorful and lifting to the heart. Keep up the inspiration. I will be following along with your journey. Thanks for following mine.


  4. Hi

    Thanks for posting on my site. If you want inspiration, visit suzi blu and join her online art classes. You will find soooooo many people that do art similar to yours and mine. She teaches an online petit doll workshop thats truly amazing. Just type in Suzi blu in google.

    Have fun


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