Thursday, February 19, 2009


So...I did this quick pencil drawing in about 5 minutes upon having a conversation with my husband about our 14 year old daughter. I was inspired to draw this "girl" because she is like SO many of us who feel we need to hide who we truly are. Have you ever noticed walking through the mall or at the movies, all the young girls who seem to have their bangs hanging in their eyes and their shoulders slumped? What are they hiding from?? Are they that ashamed of who they are?? Do they really not want the world to see what amazing, beautiful extraordinary beings they are? I feel such a strong need to embrace authenticity,even though it can be very difficult at times, depending on your present company. I know I struggle at times with this and certainly did in my teenage years and in most of my twenties for that matter...but I feel I am coming into my own at nearly 37 and a mother of 4...3 of which are girls! I want them to be proud of who they are and to hold their heads embrace their differences and let the world know they don't need to hide who they are! Is there anyone else out there who can can relate to what I am talking about?? I would welcome any comments from those of you who aren't afraid to hide who you truly, authentically, genuinely are!


  1. Awesome entry! Way to go as a mom. I also like ya pic. We have our girls bombarded with ya HAVE TO BE this, that, and the other.That our children don't understand it's ok to be just THEMSELVES! I applaude ya wanting to ya girls to know it's perfectly fine to hold themselves with respect and dignity and be proud of themselves.
    Ya know God only made one of them, IF he wanted us all the same he would have done so. He chose each of us for our uniqueness. I'm happy ya see this in instill this in ya children. They will be much better people as they grow.
    Keep expressing yaself hun.

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    hugs Karen x


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