Tuesday, January 13, 2009


okay...so i am very new to this whole "blogging" thing...but i am truly enjoying some of the posts that i have read on different sites. it is very refreshing to see how many of us out there want to find our authentic selves and sprinkle goodness all around them! makes me smile!!

so i came across a post "13 things about me" and i wanted to take part in that as well. so here goes...

i am...

a mom of 4
a lover of music
a seeker of truth
a student of life
so in love with my husband
learning how to cook better
italian, polish, swedish & german
a nap taker any chance i get
a lover of books
trying to get more organized
trying to inspire others around me
someone who is totally inspired by music and needs it on nearly all the time
crazy sometimes

i think that's 13 - that was fun!!! give it a try...

after walking away from this for a bit... i decided to add another 13. but this time it is
13 things i am blessed to have or because of...

i am blessed...

to have two amazing daughters and two amazing step children
because i have an inate desire to learn more and more about life
to be in a very loving and safe relationship
for all my crazy girlfriends....they are all different but blend beautifully into my life
to have a pretty good sense of humor...at least i think so
to get to be a stay at home mom
to be healthy enough to work out and try to stay in shape
to have been raised in a small town in illinois
to have my sisters and brother
to have great friends within walking distance of my home
my parents are still married and seem to still be in love
to have met some amazing, beautiful souls simply in passing but am wise to it...to appreciate it
to have loved and to have lost

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  1. k ... I am so glad to be the 1st to follow you... awesome blog... awesome mom... awesome artist..
    glad I was out and about tonight and found you...

    mona and the gaffer girls


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