Wednesday, April 6, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

happy wednesday friends!

i was born and raised in small 
town, illinois...when i was 23 years old
i ventured out west to phoenix, arizona and 
stayed there nearly 14 years.
now i live in california....
but i imagine myself living
in many different places...
i think there is a bit of gypsy dwelling
in this soul of mine!! is my question today:

if you could live anywhere in the world
where would you live?



  1. Besides living next door to you sweet friend..... AND .... if I could take all my grown children and grandchildren... I would move up the coast. A view of the ocean .... I am still dreaming of living close to the ocean.
    Thanks for helping me keep that dream alive.

  2. I left my small town in Illinois when I was 20 and have lived many places since then. I know I want to be a snowbird. I loved Idaho and Utah when I visited there this year, but I love the beaches here in Florida. Then there's Wisconsin, which to me is God's Country. So maybe I should just buy an RV and travel, because I really haven't found anywhere I really could say is where I want to live!

  3. I am torn between my favorite place here in California - San Diego! I would love to live in Del Mar or La Hoya! Anywhere actually that I can see and here the ocean plus I love how body conscious the city is...very motivating to stay in shape!
    My other dream is to live in Providence Rhode Island...looks so idyllic and cozy. Experiencing all 4 seasons would be wonderful :)

    Great question..x oxoxo

  4. There is a LOT of gypsy in my soul...
    I would live in a loft in Seattle or Chicago, a converted country church in Kentucky, on a farm in Texas or Oklahoma...makes me wonder where my dreams may take me when my kids are all grown!

  5. I've lived my entire life in southeastern Wisconsin, and struggle a lot with the long winters (in fact, it still feels more like winter than spring around here now!). I think it'd be heaven to move to a Caribbean island paradise, where it's warm year-round and the water is clear and blue.

  6. i think more than anything. for me. as close to the water as possible.
    it pulls me. i do have bryce saying two years and we are moving. now
    the trick is to find our next land. hoping for oregon, cali, austin or arizona.

  7. Well, I left Michigan at the age of 21 and never looked back! Southern CA is a fabulous place to live in so many ways, but the mountains still call to me. And the wilderness. There are waaay too many people here for my taste. We have talked of moving for many years, but since there is no perfect place and we have so many ties here, we stay and travel a lot. It works for us!!

  8. ok. this is hard and my answer is going to maybe sound quite lame, but honestly...i just want to live wherever my chicks are. seriously...i can handle anything else out there...snow, blasting heat, rain, mountains, oceans as long as i have my family near me!

  9. This is a hard one for me. I have always lived in California - southern & northern. But, can see myself living in all kinds of places too. Perhaps, I have a little gypsy in me too! :) I have too many friends & family close by so I will have to live on the coast in Costa Rica in my mind!!

  10. my husband says i have the "grass is greener" syndrome .. we go to Boulder, and I want to live there, we go to Santa Fe, and I want to move there. There are so many wonderful places, but for me, I'd have to have my husband come along {willingly} or it just wouldn't be that much fun. What about you Kolleen . . you live in the most beautiful state in our country . . would you want to live some place else??

  11. I just love learning these little tidbits about you. I would certainly live in California. :)


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