Monday, April 4, 2011

monday music and a goodbye

Dear 38,
thank you for the love, the memories made, 
the lessons learned,
the laughter and the tears.

Hello 39,
it is nice to meet you.
Please be kind to me...i promise to be good!


here is my choice for today....this song makes me happy.  

"glow, i wanna see you glow
i wanna see your daylight shining all
around your heart."

enjoy my friends...hope it makes
you smile and glow!!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Heartwing sister!!! Wishing you the best. :)
    LOVE this song, it's a favorite!
    Birthday hugs,

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Wishing you the best day and an amazing year ahead! Much love to you xo

  3. Goodbye to the old. Hello to the new. Happy happy day, my dear! xoxo

  4. happy, happy day to you, sweet kol! you are so young still, embrace it. but you know what i've found? my 40's have been the best years so far. i hope they are for you too! see what you have to look forward to??
    love ya bunches!

  5. Happy Birthday Kolleen!! My you are still so young! Hope you are having an amazing day filled with laughter and lots of love!! xoxo

  6. a birthday hug for my girl who makes me giggle.
    a gift to all she shoots a smile towards.

  7. There is NOBODY on earth like you!!! Adorable you!
    AND.... 39? seriously is looking oh so good on you!
    my best hug and kiss,

  8. happy birthday sunshine! sending you a big birthday hug and wishing you a happy happy 39! xoxo

  9. Hoping you have the best of days on this your birthday and all the rest.
    You are a phenomenal woman, and like a fine wine and sweet violin music, only will be better with age! <3

  10. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had an awesome day:O)

  11. happy birthday dear kolleen!
    lovelovelove! xoxox

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Kolleen! Girl..I Can't Even Remember My Thirties! Ha ha ha I "Can" Tell You Though, That AGE Is Nothing But A Number. I'm Still Fifteen In My Heart.And I Plan To Stay That Way. Love & Eternal Happiness To You Sweet Lady, Terri

  13. happiest of (belated) birthdays, kolleen! wishing you a magical year filled with all the best kinds of things.


  14. Happy Birthday to the lovely Kolleen! May 39 be filled with joy and laughter, great food, adventure and more love that you could ever imagine. I really hope it's a good one for you!

  15. Happy, Happy Belated birthday to you!! I hope you had the most wonderful celebration & welcoming of 39. :) I know this year is going to be full of amazing treasures for you. Big, huge, LATE birthday hugs!!


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