Wednesday, April 13, 2011

say whaaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday?

okay...i have a confession to make

"my name is kolleen and i am
a reality TV Junkie".

from The Bachelor to the Housewives 
to The Real World (on MTV...where it all began)...
i can't seem to get enough!!

i have watched nearly all of the "Housewive" episodes
and am completely addicted to Bethenny Ever After...
she makes me laugh and 
i just love the way her husband adores her!

so...tell me...

what is your favorite reality tv show??


  1. Hmmm. I love Bethenny. Jason is such a sweetie and I relate to some of Bethenny's neurosis :)

    I love Top Shef, Survivor, and Sister Wives. I'm totally a reality junkie! I'll pretty much watch any reality show :D

  2. Okay I must admit I watch Survivor.... I am amazed at how everyone forgets that the cameras are on...... They talk so bad about everyone in camp.... Seriously.... I think I would remember that I had a camera on my EVERY move..... Maybe if I was hungry enough to eat a shoe I would forget to be nice also. Hope not.
    So K, I think it is adorable that you watch "housewives" ..........

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!! Lol!! Housewives, have seen all of them, LOVE Bethenny!! I love Storage Wars too, Cake Boss.

    I love you and Thank you once again;)

  4. I am on the opposite spectrum of you my dear friend. I do not even own a TV.

  5. american idol! it was such a treat to finish up at my office last night & come straight home & turn on this show...CANDY! yes, sometimes it's just the right elixir!
    LOVE you! xox

  6. true life: I accidentally got addicted to the Jersey Shore...
    What can I say ?! I don't know how this happened....
    but... it feels good to come out with it LOL

    Enjoy ;)

  7. Every week, I tune in for "American Idol," as well as "The Bachelor/Bachelorette," whenever it happens to be on. My husband and I also love to cheer for Jo on "Supernanny." I think the all-time best reality TV shows are the true crime dramas like "Disappeared" on ID network.

  8. Well, my hubby has always been vehemently opposed to reality TV, except that we got totally hooked on Idol a few years back because of the music (so amazing this year!) Now I seriously have idol withdrawal every year when it's over. Oh, and so you think you can dance (awesome!) and america's got talent in the summer when everything else is reruns. and my occasional bout with bachelor when he's working. that's it - no more!!

  9. I watched the very first episode of MTV's The Real World back in the early 90's! My goodness was it ever that long ago! lol And was hooked on that for years until I realized I was getting too old to enjoy it! Ha Ha! But now I love watching the Cake Boss, Project Runway, American Idol, and as for the Housewives I was hooked on those Jersey girls! lol

  10. i used to be a big housewives of nyc fan until the tv got moved to the hubby's man cave which is kind of disconnected from where i like to work and be during the day, so i'm deprived . . waaaaa!

  11. um...i am addicted to the housewives. all of them except dc.
    because really....are there woman like that? i just can't even
    believe it. and i am so intrigued with bethenny and jason.
    i so wanna be her assistant.

  12. YOU'RE SO CUTE! I've seen a couple of episodes of the housewives and I have to admit it's pretty entertaining. But Idol is really the only show I sorta watch. I don't watch much tv, but I am anxious to see parenthood or modern family. I guess I should start from the start so I know what the heck's going on.

    love ya sweetcheeks!

  13. Oh my gosh! I love you! I would be right next to you at a meeting..."Hi, I am Jen...." :) Housewives (each and every city), Project Runway, & Bethenny (love her quick wit & sarcasm)are my faves. My hubby just laughs at me. I am glad I am not alone!! :)

  14. Hi, just discoverd your blog. Sorry,I am not addicted to the TV.
    Nice weekend, Helmi

  15. Alas, I do not have a TV. But when I had one, I will confess that my guilty pleasure was America's Next Top Model. I watched the first three seasons, I think, until they voted off my most favorite contestant ever and then I lost interest.

    I saw a book by that Bethenny person at the bookstore once - had not heard of her before.

  16. So embarrassing right?! I LOVE the Kardashians shows! Ron is discusted with me and Payten when we have it on, but I just love it!


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