Wednesday, April 20, 2011

say whaaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday?

another wednesday already here!

so today's question is fun...
a bit reminiscent

spring is in the air and that means
prom is right around the corner.

do you remember what your
prom theme or song were when you were 
a senior in high school??

if memory serves me right...
mine was "the flame" by cheap trick and
i am not really sure of the theme...???

fun to stroll down memory lane sometimes...
hope you think so too!!

(now i am off to pack for nashville...
celebrating a dear friends birthday!!)

happy rest of the week friends!


  1. junior year....saturday in the park. yes that is how damn old i am.
    senior year....i have no clue. probably because i was so busy trying
    to get mr. football off of me. wink. giddy up.

  2. yes, RUSH 2012 was the theme. Kinda weird huh? and here we are almost there.

  3. Well, I never did get to go to prom (which took me years to get over! lol) but I do believe that the song junior year was "Heaven" by Bryan Adams! Cute post! :)

  4. Our song for junior prom '96 was Seal's "Kiss From a Rose." Although I went to prom junior and senior years, I went with a group of girlfriends...a part of me still wishes I would've had the "dream date" a lot of girls seem to have...

  5. Happy Easter my long lost blog friend...I havnt heard from you in a long time. I am having a blog give away come check it out.

  6. happy easter dear friend!
    i love you soooooo!

  7. The one that stands out in my mind most is the I decorated for. Lilacs all over the gym...those with allergies, were not happy~ WE even had a fountain.
    I remember one theme being, "Moonlight n' Roses"...
    Thanks for the time travel back...xXx
    Happy Easter to you n' yours~

  8. i remember i sewed my own dress and that's about all i remember!

    nashville??! i want to go! i hope you're going to show pictures of your trip.. i'm seeing a few on fb.

  9. All i remember is the crazy, big, ruffley, hoop skirt dresses we wore! What were we thinking? We all looked like Scarlet O'hara!


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