Wednesday, February 2, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

happy wednesday and to all my family & friends
weathering the blizzard of 2011....
i am praying for your
warmth and safety!
so last wednesday we talked about happiness 
and i had asked
 what is something you do on a daily basis 
to bring you happiness.
funny....i am still thinking about that topic of happiness.
as i sat and had coffee yesterday 
with a dear, dear friend of mine...
we were talking about community
 and "finding the wheel we fit into" to speak

and she shared with me how she came to a realization 

that over the years, as she was seeking out 
community and friendship....
she was missing 
what was right in front of her face....
the piece that caused the wheel to go round to begin with.  

the piece which was her family...her home team.

so...i find it interesting how we can miss (so easily) 
what is right in front of our faces by looking too far ahead.
does anyone want to weigh in on that....

what is it you may be looking past 
that is right in front of you 
bringing you joy, safety, fulfillment, etc...? 

thank you for visiting.


  1. I love love first of all reading every Wednesday what you have to say. It makes me really think on each topic you have. But I would have to say parents. Sometimes now that I have my own family I not forget but sometimes with how busy it is to be a mom, just look pass maybe... at my parents because we know that they will always be there. But they bring so much joy, and happiness to me and my own family that I cannot evan describe in words. And they love me so very much and I love them and appreciate them. And thank you for making me think once again!! Love you K!!!

  2. PS: Its Ismeta by the way;)

  3. This very feeling of having what we want right in front of us has really hit home for me lately. That I am ALREADY enough and that I already have what I need. It can be so empowering!

  4. i love that photo of the path right in front of your eyes. yes, much is right HERE.
    dear love, we will have much to catch up with..

  5. here is a little love note....i love you and all you put out into the universe. living here in middle earth sometimes sucks my energy dry. but i many days step back and make...yes i have to make myself embrace the goodness here. it is hard, especially right now with the cold and foot of ice on the ground. but i am safe, warm and i have bryce and my chickadees. that is pretty much all i need. well that and my paints. gotta have those.

    i am sending you a big hug. cuz you make me think.

  6. For me it has been my imidiate family my boys and hubby and my dog, I have not had the pleasure of having supportive parents so I made my happiness with my lil family and yes my paints and books:O)

  7. Kolleen, this reminds me of why I started having my own retreats. It was so amazing connecting with all of you at Unearth that it got me thinking about the possibility of trying to create a local "tribe" of women, right from my own community. I had friends, but not a cohesive group that I could connect with around creativity. And it's starting to happen. I still love my online community, but there's nothing like face-to-face! Another great question!!

  8. first of all...LOVING the peeling paint on the background. so yummy! then a HUGE hug for bringing up this subject which as you KNOW i have been wrestling with for some time now. i agree with FAMILY. they are the center of my universe and give me ALL i need (ok..most of what i you and i talked always nice to hear GOOD JOB from someone right?) i think we all have seasons of important things and people in front of us and it.s good to revisit that every now and then to make sure we are grounded and not missing out on wonderful "CLOSE UP" blessings.
    i heart you

  9. Love what you shared here.
    Love it.
    To all of us, the special ppl in our lives should always come first. Always. Finding happiness is there, within each of us. We just hv to be silent enough sometimes to hear the quiet voice, urging us up further on the path. In the right direction. It's so easy to get side-tracked, isn't it? I am thankful for so many people. You are one of them. You shine such a bright light. xo

  10. I love you and how you push us to look deeply at our blessings that are right in front of us. I am so lucky in my life. I try my hardest to embrace all of the good that is right here in front of me. Life is beautiful and special. xoxo

  11. That Pathway Spoke RIGHT To My Heart Sweet Kolleen! Friend..You Have Such A Way Of Pulling Me Inside Myself. I Haven't Popped By In A While And I Sure Have Missed You!

  12. Wow! great question. What strikes me after reading this that sometimes I think - If only I was...or if only I could...or if only I was better at, etc - and then I realize that all of that is SO unnecessary. I am enough. I don't need to wait for things to fall into place perfectly. They won't. Embrace it all - perfect or not. Life - each day - is a beautiful gift & the people in it...icing on the cake. :)

  13. I love this post Kolleen- you always tuck at the heartstrings of life.
    When I was younger with a house full of munchkins I found myself muddled in the madness of every day life- I missed so much. I was so blind to the sweetest of blessings right in front of me. I realize NOW how sweet my life was but I was so blind to it all.
    I don't know if it's an age thing- but I don't take for granted these sweet blessings anymore. The very best of them being the things very close at hand- my family and friends and my Faith.


  14. This is a sweet post Kolleen. Thank you for making me thing about what is right in front of me to be thankful for. There are SO many things- the first one that comes to mind is the abundant heat blowing out of the heater right next to me keeping me warm and comfortable. ahhhh

    love and miss you!

  15. My Mom always says, "Happiness is a place you visit, not a place you stay.", and "If you don't know sad, how could you know happy." She taught me to take life as it comes, live in the moment so you can really recognize the good ones! Love your blog and all the good you bring to the world!!


i heart love notes....