Wednesday, February 23, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

wednesday, wednesday!
happy day!

todays question is for all the 
mama's out there...

i am learning lessons in this whole 
"being a mom"  thing...daily!

and truthfully....i have realized being a
mom to 4 crazy kiddlies that 
 it comes down to 
one very simple (but not always the easiest) thing to do...


they need to know they are loved 
they need to know that even when
you are mad or dissappointed or having a "freak out"...
you still love them.

they need to know YOU aren't perfect...
YOU make mistakes.  YOU are learning
and growing and trying to become better every day... 
 just like you hope they are.

they need to know you are "in it" with them...
and that you are not going anywhere!

so, please share...




  1. Amen sister.

    What have I been learning? The simple truth that there is NOTHING more important than being present with them. Everything else can wait. When my daughter asks me to play with her, to read that book one more time, to make a mess with paints or markers, JUST SAY YES. I can never go wrong saying yes to time with my babes.


  2. You know I LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I have been so blessed to be a mommy to my amazing little man, whom is almost 16 months, cannot believe that. With him growing and learning every day I have learned that I have to be very patient, and before I really was not. When he came along everything just made more sence, and just flows right. He makes me better. Loving him and teaching him,and just being there for him is the most rewarding this I could ever do!!!
    I love you and thank you once again!!!!

  3. Im blessed to being a mom to 3 boys 15,17 and 21(still at home going to college) Ive learned that i need to take advantage of every moment i have alone with them, I use our morning rides to school to talk specifically to each one, one on one and to just let them know Im always there:O)Thanx for always posting such great posts:O) have a great week!!!!

  4. hi dearrrrrr kolleen!!
    oh, mothering!
    lately, i am trying to
    when either of our sons
    has a moment of opening to me..
    having something to say.
    in that moment, i'm working on
    ABRUPTLY paying attention
    & being there.
    these times are so fleeting
    & i don't want to miss them.

  5. I've learned from raising 3 boys into adulthood (23,28 and 30) that 1) being there is what's most important to them, 2) to chose my battles, some things really don't matter in the long run, and 3)that the aliens who kidnapped them when they were teenagers really do bring them back with their minds intact when I thought they were kidnapped forever!

  6. Sweet Kolleen..I Had Just Come By To Leave A Short Message..Which I Planned To Begin With: "Guess You Don't Love Me Anymore Because I Never Hear From You Anymore"...Then I Find This Beautiful Post You've Written About Love. It's So True, Our Children Depend On Us In Every Situation..On Every Day Of The Week. Today & Tomorrow. Being A Mommie Was The Highest Honor Of My Life..But I Can Tell You Truthfully That It's A "Lifetime" Honor. Doesn't Stop When They Go Away To College. Doesn't Stop When They Get Married. Doesn't Stop When They Have Their Own Children. It's A Lifetime Position. Love Is The Answer When They Are Born. Love Is The Answer To Everything In-Between. Love Will Be The Only Answer That Counts In The End. Sending You A Big Southern Hug..And If I've Said Or Done Anything That Has Prevented You From Visiting Me..Please Forgive Me.


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