Wednesday, February 9, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

another wednesday has come upon us.
as i have been watching wonderful videos 
(trying desperately to catch up....)
this question came to mind based on some
of the things we are learning...
continuing on with my “happiness theme”.

i realized that some of mine are 
really quite simple and very tangible....
hitting play on any one of the (many many) playlists i have created, 
a hot shower, painting, 
sitting across the table from a good friend...
breaking bread...connecting, 
snuggling with my kiddlies....

these are just a few, 
but if we stop and take note...
and realize how many of these things 
are right at our fingertips....
and that happiness is right around the corner...
 it may make life seem a little bit sweeter 
during those sour times.
thank you for visiting me...
THAT makes me happy!
can’t wait to hear some of your “happy things”.


  1. I love your happy list :)

    A few of mine:
    1. tidy up the kitchen.
    2. Listen to my "feel good" playlist
    3. Read a favorite blog
    4. Make a green smoothie

    Happy Hump day, Kol!

  2. Crikey! I have really been searching for a funk lifting happy list for myself recently and I have found that *time to myself* is a wonderous happy maker, *going out for lunch with my kids or hubby*, *having a tidy house*, and most recently, *making lists and completing them*!

  3. I am totally giggling over here because I thought the playlist one said pay the bills and I was thinking, yay, I like paying bills! Except that wasn't what it said at all, LOL.

    Cleaning the kitchen.
    Playing a game with the clicker + treats with the pup.
    Going for a walk (in the woods is a bonus) with the pup.
    A round of Shiva Nata.

  4. my little heart fluttering sister....i would
    have to say my list is very much like yours....

    1. playlist - it can get me moving on from the
    funk of the day quickly. and then i can paint. do you find when the playlist is going that the paint flows more freely????

    2. nothing better than a shower. hot on these
    cold gray middle earth days

    3. vegging on the couch, catching up with all my
    girls here. each of you push me on my nubby path. i kinda dig this one.

  5. I soooo needed to read this post today Kolleen! I need to fight some funk right now! And sometimes the hardest part is to get started, get moving! For me music lifts me, spending time browsing in a book store (often the art section!) or holding my pug.

    Wishing you a lovely day! :)

  6. What a great reminder to us... this week was insane for me with long hours at work and training... tomorrow I will find happiness with my little boy as he turns 9! He, hubby and I are going to the "city", watching a new movie, and dinner. I can't wait to cuddle with him, smell his little boy head, and listen to his little boy voice.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. True, happiness is always at our fingertips:O)
    Mine are...talking to my teen boys and grown boy
    spending time and holding my hubbys hand, Painting, My CDS!! Walking my doggie(he walks me)and my hersheys kisses and coke:O)have a wonderful weekend:O)........p.s and NO ICE Storms:O)

  8. I love everyone's happy list! Makes me happy :) And these do to: a chocolate cupcake with purple frosting, smelling the sea air with my dogs by my side, listening to my favorite tunes, sitting in my chair with my hot pink fluffy blanket, and laughing with my sistahs.

  9. Kolleen,
    I love your happy list and this post~
    Walking, painting, writing, reading, chocolate,
    my beagle, hugs, walking by the sea, my son making me laugh, my daughter's amazing smile,
    my husband watching a fav show with me. Holding my hand, etc. Music always makes me smile~
    Fun post!!!

  10. Ahhh, the happy list - giggles with my kids, music, painting, a good snuggle with my dog, date night w/ hubby, girl bonding with my BFFs, relaxing w/ a good movie, chocolate brownies...

    Have a beautiful, happy weekend!! :) XO

  11. A big, long hug from Bill or Brook. And some quiet time to create always makes me feel happy and more balanced.

  12. smart to list those happy things, b/c you're right- they can be very simple and just right at our fingertips! :) love your headband!

  13. Wow - I was really in a funk today. The job asking me to do everything, family asking me to do everything and I was feeling horrible all day today. Then I said - enough - I need a little time for me, so I thought I would find so new blogs to read/follow...and I found yours. Fantastic! So after I read you blog, I started my list
    1. Organize something
    2. Photograph my crafts
    3. Add them to my site
    4. Watch a documentary/learn something new

    I've almost finished one, and hoping to get more done in the next few days. Thank you for helping me put into words what I needed!

  14. Hi Kolleen, this was my favorite Soul Restoration exercise!! I think I forgot to include reading blogs on my favorites so I will need to add that too!! Here's some of my others!

    Sunshine in the spring, smell of fresh mown grass, watching my chickens, good wine, pepperbacon pizza, clean sheets, lavender, music, lot of sleep, my old truck, downy, chatting with BF and sister, taking my vitamins, lots of water, painting walls, Oprah, pedicures, my fireplace, carmel cream coffee, my bathtub, candle light, instant hot water that never runs out, being ALONE, making art, reading massage, laughing so hard I cry, my sarcastic husband, my girls, my barn cats, looking for junk, decorating, piano practice, mascara, crackly paint, hearing little girls crack up, nice restaurants with great servers, small towns, seat heaters, genuine smiles to your eyes, guinea pigs....reading blogs!! :) Have a great week!!


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