Monday, March 22, 2010


(latest little creation....this sweet heartwingsister is our reminder to "trust our path"...listen to our the whispers...)

i chose this today for a couple of reasons...

1) this soundtrack is one i can listen to over and over and over again....and quite honestly NEVER get sick of. it my opinion it is one of theeeee best soundtracks i have ever heard considering the music will take you right back to the movie every time you hear is haunting in the way Eddie Vedder was able to capture the essence of this story.

2) on saturday evening, hanging out with some dear friends of ours, we started to discuss this movie and this book and what each of our takes were on it....needless to say it was an interesting and stimulating conversation. Which in my opinion is the best type of conversation to have.

i hope you all enjoy!!! and if you have not read the book or seen the movie...i recommend it!

sending love and happiness on this beautiful monday!

ps...if you are up for a challenge...go to the post prior to this one!!!! come on...aren't you the least bit curious!!??



  1. hello! this post so made me smile. i am happy to have found your blog. your artwork is so fun and beautiful. thank you for being so inspiring! xoxo, juliette

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new photo! Beautiful post from an even more beautiful woman! Stay inspired..because you sure inspire the rest of us!

    Blessings, Love and Monday Sunshine, Terri

  3. So inspiring - definitely needed that today. : ) Love that song, too .. "haunting" as you said, is word that comes to my mind, too. Beautiful.

  4. This was a required read when I was dating my husband. It is hard for me to remember back that far, but I can see how the conversation was interesting. As I remember it was a sad ending. I will have to see the movie. I will definitely put it on my list. :) He will love that. Jennifer

  5. i love the new girlie painting and that adorable side smile....i love the red and black...! love you!

  6. love the new painting and it's message. something we all need to hear often. keep on keepin' on girl. xoxo

  7. I love how you can take a message and turn it into a painting. Always a good reminder.

    I have not read the book or seen the movie yet. Clearly I am missing out!

    love you! xoxo

  8. What a wonderful painting, and message. Thank you.

    I read Into The Wild. What an amazing story. I haven't seen the movie yet but you've inspired me to rent it.

  9. love this little girlie and her cat that ate the canary smile. i love that underneath all the girlies and all the messages i see YOU. such a find. etsy yet??????

  10. Oh I love your new painting! So beautiful!!
    This song is one of my favorites!! I adore the soundtrack and the movie as well!
    Have a sweet day darling!

  11. yes kolleen!!
    to trusting our path,
    to your darling new creation,
    & to the pic that shows up when you leave a comment/love it!


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