Friday, March 19, 2010

...friday challenge

so...i posed this little tiny challenge to the ever so lovely vivienne yesterday and thought....hmmmmm....this may be fun to just put out there on my blog!

so here's the challenge my friends...are you up for it???

1) go to my playlist on the right and hit that pause button

2) turn up the volume on your computer as loud as it will go...warning...maybe don't do this if you are at work or have sleeping babies

3) push play on the video

4) get up off your booties and


how do you feel???? please leave me a comment and let me know!!!

happy happy friday to all....spring fever is in full swing with me!

also...a HUGE thanks to all the AMAZING comments from my say whaaaaaaaat wednesday question... i was truly blown away from all the inspiration and thank you many times over and i highly recommend to anyone visiting me jump down and read the amazing comments left! i will be blogging about all of that very soon!!



  1. whoo hoo! i needed that!

    i love what kelly lish had to say...she is so correct on this one and so glad she had to insight to share with all of us.
    so glad to have met you through blogland and can't wait for the 5th to give you a big hug!

  2. You are too fun! And I loved reading what everyone said on the say what wed. post. I totally agree. I even get distracted by my 5 year olds art! It is soo darn cute.


  3. Where do you find this stuff?? OK, first I was just kind of dancing in my chair and then I decided - hey, I need a break and, yes I did, I got up and danced! I should definitely do it more often - thank you!!

  4. I went out dancing on Saturday night and it was SO GOOD FOR MY SOUL!

  5. danced my booty off! now if i could only re-regulate my heart beat. thanks for giving me permission to seize the moment. love

  6. How fun! This song brought back many memories of high school when I choreographed a dance to this song for a dance production. I am going to dig this up...I think there is video somewhere...

    Thanks for the fun!


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