Friday, March 5, 2010


loving all the color that is starting to pop up around my front walk way...makes me happy

sitting with a yummy cup of coffee soaking up all the yumminess that is in this magazine and drawing

working on cards for this amazing cause and hoping my little HeartWingSisters can spread some happiness and maybe even a smile or two...

Syd and her best buddy froggy...she takes care of him like he is her child...he has his own seatbelt and all in my car

my sweet boy callin it a day

and me trying to "let go" of all that i cannot control...which is a whole heck of a lot...

how is your friday?? hope it shined upon you and loved you up!



  1. I LOVE THE friday was good and I am sending you all m love ..G

  2. What a lovely post! So wonderful to be creating cards for such a good cause. I just found out that a friend whose husband was told last year had gall bladder problems, actually has pancreatic cancer and now only has a couple of months to live. He was misdiagnosed from the very beginning. Very sad! Letting go can be hard but we must see the good in everything and stay positive. YOur post is very inspiring and proof of how much we all have to be thankful for. Many blessings, Tammy

  3. Adorable post my dear! Hope you have a lovely weekend with your beloved ones!
    The cards are lovely!!!

  4. Ciao Bella :) I love your new cards...I want one :) They made me smile just looking at them...are you going to sell them? I would love at least 1 to put in my bebe studio :) Have a beautiful weekend, I hope you stay warm and dry...Create more beauties to your hearts content, and don't forget to share them with us..your fans :). Besos, Rose

  5. my friday was beautiful except i didn.t get to hear your sweet voice. i actually painted and that was wonderful. i juggled kids all over the place from sleep overs (2) to baseball practices (3) to track practice (1) to take 4 teenagers to ice cream and a walk with my 2 littlest and the dog, to a LATE dinner with nels...i was exhausted and happy and oh so grateful for my job as a mother when i fell into bed. i KNOW you KNOW!
    loving all your photos and your love.
    enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. oh p.s. i LOVE that kelly is on the COVER of somerset this month! yippy for her!

  7. Your cards are lovely! What a sweet dog too. Oh and GREAT boots :)

  8. Hi there Kolleen... great to meet ya.. and yes.. I'll be at brave girls in Oct.. omg.. I cannot wait... hv been wanting to go ever since last year.. I'm finally gonna go and meet her.. love her dearly.. and can't wait to meet all of u!! Thks for visiting my blog... I'm always up to something..I blog alot.. LOL

  9. hey there, love the cards, so cute! Friday was fabulous thank you i got to go to JC first Fridays which is a gallery opening/music night in Jersey City every month - so many wonderful artists and musicians....had the BEST time. Have a lovely weekend xx

  10. darling cards! i can't wait to be able to buy them in your etsy shop! oh, the flowers...we had rain all day, on top of all the snow...dreary..
    just got back from the most delish dinner and vino with my girlfriend becky, feeling sooo good!

    love you darling, bunches!

  11. I cannot imagine someone receiving one of those cards and not smiling!

    That froggy is almost as big as her!

    And that adorable pup. :)

    I hope your weekend was full of love.

  12. The flowers are gorgeous...and the cards..!! great work..and wonderful cause...I love the fact that your daughter has a seat belt for frog...Awwww that is where full hearts and deep souls come from.....!!..You know Ive been so involved with blogging that I forgot all about Somerset Studio..I have a large collection and I Love them..I need some new ones though..but since Kindle have not gone to Borders..I need to do that..maybe today..EnJoY your weekend..!

  13. Oh Kolleen, I loved this post! A true slice of Goodness for me this morning! You've been ever-present in my thoughts and prayers.

    Your photos were amazingly touching. My favorite..Froggy's seat-belt story. Next - your Baby-Boy calling it a day.

    Thanks for the information on Somerset Studio. I'll be checking that out today.

    Continue to allow your light to shine sweet girl. Your walk in faith has sincerely been a testiment to all who know your story.

    Blessings, Love and Monday Sunshine, Terri

  14. kolleen, love all your pics! there is such warmth in your posts. oooh, we don't have flowers yet in mn except in my dreams & out of my pens! yay to flowers & sunshine (& your cards!). lol.

  15. love your pics!!! so glad to hear you did mondo beyondo! i have so much stewing in my mind...ideas, dreams, uncertainties. hoping it helps give me some clarity---
    i hope to do a retreat someday...did you have to travel for yours? maybe something good will come to the midwest sometime soon!


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