Monday, March 1, 2010


i am going back in the vault a bit for today's music inspiration.

this is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. the lyrics are just so beautiful and raw and real. "so don't be afraid to let them show....your true colors" - this line inspired a sketch i did earlier today. i hope you all enjoy...don't forget to pause my playlist to hear this beautiful version of this amazing song...also

please continue your prayers for Chelsea King.

They have taken a registered sex offender into custody that may be linked to her disappearance but still have not found her. All of your prayers and positive thoughts are desperately needed. thank you all so VERY much for the support and prayers that you have already shown in my previous post! she is our cousin's niece and just a bright, beautiful, precious soul.

happy music inspired monday to you all! xxoo


  1. I just read the psot about Chelsea. My prayers and positive thought are with all her family right now! Hope they found her safe soon

  2. hi sweetheart.
    im going to call you and just bask in your voice
    but i had to tell you that when i read your post today, your playlist was actually playing "TRUE COLORS"
    i think it was just for me, so thank you.
    it is pretty powerful advice if you think about it.
    can.t wait to see your piece.
    i love you dear.
    i think you know.
    prayers are still going up.

  3. Hey Babe...Lovely words as usual; you continue to inspire despite the tough odds. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers always.

    Love C

  4. You are so awesome girlfriend, I love coming to your blog, although yesterday and today I am crying for Chelsea, she has touched my heart.
    You really seem like such a neat girl, I feel I know you in my soul.
    I love you and pray for you and yours.

  5. The true beauty of a great song is that is takes some touching or meaningful insight and sets it to music so that our little brains can remember it more easily. I love that and I love how you are pointing us in the direction of some of these powerful songs!! Thank you, sweet Kolleen - you are truly an inspiration.

    My heart is so heavy thinking of Chelsea after the latest news report.

  6. I loved that song too. Still sending prayers for her safe return.

  7. i am sending prayers for her safe return.

    love to you.

  8. Love Cindi and this much inspiration..!! Im praying for Chelsea...

  9. I love this song and this is my favorite version. We are praying for this young girl here in upstate NY... such a young girl, such a scary thing...


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