Monday, July 6, 2009


i wanted to share about two sweet heart wing sisters i am super blessed to have in my life.

one is my FIRST niece Taylor who loves to sing, has a desire for perfection and a voice sooooo much bigger than her little body.

the other is her sister, my second sweet niece Kylie who I love to call Keek. She has this love for life, great sense of humor and a spirit that I am completely drawn too!
I painted likenesses of the two of them on wood expressing their current passions in life and gave each of these to them when they visited me last month. I feel so lucky to have these young girls in my life that inspire me and take me back to those youthful days that sometimes seem so long ago and other times seem just like yesterday.
I love them both SO much and feel so fortunate to be their aunt!


  1. That is two girls who are lucky to ave you as Aunt !

  2. Cool paintings...I like the wings with the shape of hearts!

  3. Ohhh, these are so neat. They will love them. I know exactly what you mean about having your young nieces around. I have many and they are so fun to hang out with. It is true that sometimes it feels ages ago and then just yesterday. My little Rose looks up to them so much too. She adores them as I am sure your young ones do too.

  4. So Cute! I haven't had the time to stop by for a long time...your blog is sooo sweet! I'll be back again. Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog!



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