Monday, July 20, 2009

calling all parents....

so over the last few days i have gone back to doing color pencil sketches...which seems to come quite a bit easier to me than painting! i am hoping that will all change once I journey to this come October!!

i wanted to post the sketch i did of what i seem to experience on a daily basis as a parent to a near 15 year old girl. i am CERTAIN many of you other parents can completely relate to this!! and to you parents whose children have not hit pre-teen/teenage years...just get ready!!! : ) It's acomin!!! so with that being said and you viewing my sketch...i need to ask a question and am hopeful to get some answers...
when i get "the roll of the eyes" at comments / requests i make...i tend to get angry and irritated and cop an attitude myself. words such as "you roll your eyes like that at me one more time...and you'll be sorry" or if i am in a really bad mood..."okay, hand over your cell know how we feel about the disrespect of the rolling eyes"!!

so my question or questions are these: is that too harsh? should i just ignore it? what do you guys do?? is this just a phase she is going through??

i do have to say that she did laugh when i showed her the latest sketch i did of her! i am trying to make light of it but i would be lying if i said it wasn't one of those "thorns in my side"!! i think i'm gonna have to ask my mom if i did it to her a simply could be karma!


  1. It is so totally normal for girls that age to act like that! It is just part of the growing up phase. My daughters are 19 and 21 now and they did their share of eye rolling at that age. Hardly ever now! I just ignored the eye rolling and focused on the important stuff like looking out for their safety and making sure they were good and respectful to others (it's amazing how they can be so respectful to people other than you!) Just make sure to keep the lines of communication open, not a million questions, but give her lots of opportunity to open up to you. This stage will pass--I am proud to say that my daughters and I are very close now!

  2. Oh, do I know how you feel. My step-daughter is going to be 16 next month and I feel your pain. Mind you, I have raised her with her dad since she was 5 (she lives with us) and she was the sweetest, kindest, most agreeable little girl. When she turned 14 that all changed. Attitude, arguing about EVERYTHING, selfishness, eyerolling etc. She is still a great kid, but it has been such an adjustment for us since she was such a different child. She knows how to push my buttons too. I wouldn't let her make cupcakes the other day and she told my 3 year old son: "YOUR mother won't let us have cupcakes." It was so hard for me, but I did not respond. I didn't want to let her know that hurt me (but it did). So, I think as parents we need to try really hard to NOT argue with them, NOT go down to their level. I have made the mistake many times of arguing with her. Now I tell her: "I'm not going to discuss this with you, I said No." That is the main thing I have learned in the past 2 years. I'm still learning everyday (believe me). I hope that helps. Hang in there!


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