Wednesday, July 22, 2009


today i received great know, the kind that the person has no idea they are even giving to you! i love it when it comes to you in that innocent fashion.

i met this lovely, adventuresome 76 year old firecracker today that said something to me that really hit me. she told me last year she made a decision. a decision to simply "accept". accept the way things are and don't complain...just accept. i just sat there quiet for a minute and looked at her, smiled and said you are so right but that can be hard to do. she looked at me and laughed and said yea, it was a really tough year!!! L.O.V.E.D IT!!!
but isn't it so much easier would our lives be if we just learned to accept. accept others for the way they are good, bad, indifferent. accept the traffic we may be stuck in when we already are late to where we need to be. accept our children's growth, changes, puberty, moods, etc..., etc.... accept our spouses for their shortcomings (after all, we ALL have them). accept the weather that may come our way...even when we are living in 100+ degree temps in the summertime! accept ourselves for who we are, who we strive to be and who we have yet to become.... A N D
graciously ACCEPT that big, fat glass of wine waiting at the end of each day!!!! Cheers!!!

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  1. Love it!!!! yes, you are right...accepting can seem SO hard, yet it is so liberating and freeing and really brings growth. Thanks for this post...a great reminder!!!
    Funny, though, I never have trouble accepting tat big old glass of wine!:) It's healthy, right?!:)


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