Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I AM...

EXCITED for my sister Kelli's visit - she just celebrated the big 4-0 and is visiting "sin city" for the first time and then out to cali to hang with her little sis - yea that's right little sis!!!! ; )
jammin out to these guys. i weened myself off of this CD for awhile but today just seems like a good day to listen to them as i clean, do laundry, clean, do laundry, clean!!
blessed for this view each morning when i have my cup of coffee through out the summer months.


  1. ahhh, the power of sisters...i feel sad for anyone who doesn't have a sister. i have two and am heading out west to visit them for 10 days...can't wait!!! ps...40? was that a typo??? 25 i'd believe but 40??? pictures don't lie...she looks 25 :) xoxo

  2. You are both gorgeous. As you already know I think you are so beautiful.

    Masks -- but we don' need to wear them. Why is it wrong to be vulnerable? I am totally vulnerable and when I see others as vulnerable too, I feel that we can reach out and support each other.

    I do understand putting on a face for young children as they don't need to be carrying around adult problems.

    The first picture is not Dali, but I'm not sure who it is.

    Love you and have the best time ever with your sister.


  3. Kisses xxx and hugs ooo



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