Sunday, March 29, 2009


Peace in our hearts...easier said than done. I have had so many realizations over the past two years. I am not sure if it is the simple fact that I am finally in a healthy, safe relationship or if it is merely just what comes with age. I had a very difficult first marriage which resulted in much heartache and many, many tears. Yet over the years I have learned in order for me to have any type of peace in my heart...I need to forgive and truly learn from that time in my life. I realized how unhealthy it was not only for me, but my children too to carry around that heartache and I certainly didn't want to become this bitter person. I didn't want that situation to define the person I am today. I wanted my daughters to see a healthy, strong woman but more importanty a happy one! So, for any of you who may read this today...try to resolve something within your heart that is causing you pain or anger to let a little more peace creep in...and if you continue to do that, little by little, your heart will be full of it!! Happy Sunday to you all!


  1. Thanks for sharing :), so glad you have come to a place of peace xx

  2. Great advice!!! I'm happy you're happier now!!!

    And it's very nice to *meet* you!

  3. oh so true .... been there
    we all want our daughters to see us happy & healthy...

    & no boys here but we do want them to learn how to treat a women right....AMEN

    wish your were here....

    love ya
    mona & the girls


i heart love notes....