Saturday, March 14, 2009


i just had to express the love i feel from my family and how blessed i am to be a part of our "6 pack". for the first time in my life i feel unconditional love from someone outside of my parents or my children...i feel it from my husband! i never knew this was how it was supposed to be! sometimes i have to pinch myself! goodnight!xoxoxox


  1. Ya deserve to be loved and cherrished hun. Ya an awesome lady! Wishing ya a wonderful Sunday. Hugs~

  2. Thanks for the blog love K! I have really documented my experience through art honestly. It helped me place myself. The first thing I can tell you is, for yourself and your art growth, find a style you love and copy it (don't sell it, obviously) and try to teach yourself techniques through trial and error. Second, attend any classes you can get to, or have some friends come and "play". You learn so much from others! And third, do it for you. When your art is authentic people will love it.
    I didn't go to Squam (although I heard it's great!) , I went to ArtNest, it was amazing! I will be attending more retreats like them. Super experience.
    I hope this helps.


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