Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ode to all things "twilight"

so...i am one of those who got "sucked" in (no pun intended) to the Twilight Series. I read the books about a year ago....actually kind of flew threw them because they were REALLY good! I honestly never saw myself reading something on the premise of teenagers and vampires but feel what i truly fell in love with was the love story between Bella and Edward. The romance and desire and "i shouldn't be doing this" type of stuff! It kept me turning page after page after page!

Of course my 15 year old stepdaughter Mackenzie loves the series as well but isn't moving through the books quite as quickly. The quote on this painting is hers...she really does have a way with words and I loved how she was able to look at how the times have changed and how with all this "vampire" stuff...they have kind of become our prince charmings! Or maybe it is just Edward Cullen that has!!


  1. LOL oh I know what you mean, a man just isn't sexy nowadays unless he's a vampire ;)

    Micki x

  2. K! Watch The VAMPIRE DIARIES...you'll love it as well ...xoxo C

  3. K...i think i'm the last women on earth to rebel against reading the twilite series! my 14 yr. old daughter thinks it rather "frumpy" of me i'm sure. love your painting! perfect for the season. one week from tomorrow. can you EVEN believe it? can't wait to play with you.

  4. Love your painting! It's very cute!! I always wanted to watch the Twilight series :)
    Thanks for your sweet comment! You always make me smile with your sweet words! :)


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