Friday, October 23, 2009


(Diggin my feet in the GOOD)
open, raw, connect, soul search, laugh, be, paint, talk, safe, intimate, beautiful, no judgment, authentic, creative, emotional, friends, free, diverse, surprising, understanding, real, life changing, love, women, GOOD. This is Be Present Retreats/Unearth...and SOOOOO much more.
all i can say is...if you can ever find a way to experience something like must do it! i walked into this feeling more of the emotion fear than anything else... and walked out feeling as if i could burst from all the love i experienced over the course of 4 days. it absolutely, positively was a life changing experience. it was truly the unexpected!

i carry these women with me now...they are a part of who i am. they have made me better for knowing each and every one of them. they gave me confidence i didn't know that i had. they gave me more love than i could have imagined. they gave me a nudge to really open up my creative side and explore away. they gave me safety and acceptance of who kolleen really is.
i only wish i could have put each and every one of you in my pocket and taken you home with me!! Thank you Liz, Kelly B, Kelly Rae, Andrea, Elizabeth, Chrissy, Serena, Gloria, Jennifer, Mindy, Marilyn, Lori, Lauren, Patty, Vivienne, Valerie, Danielle, Lisa, Tricia, Judy, Kirsten Michelle, Kirsten, Kim, Kate. i am forever grateful to each of you for the amazing experience that was Unearth and i miss all your faces!!!
a million hugs and kisses! xoxoxo


  1. Hi K!
    So glad you enjoyed the retreat, I am soooo jealous! Wish I could have been there. You won a bauble for my giveaway so I need your address to mail it to ya!
    About the you have photoshop? If so, it's easier than pie! I can email you how I created it if you let me know you have photoshop, even though I'm sure you can do it in some other program, I'm just not familiar. Enjoy the peace you must feel right now. I miss Oregon's rain...

  2. K this retreat sounds incredible.


  3. wow sounds you have a really great connection to what's right and what's important in life.

  4. there is so much goodness and beauty and love in you. i feel privileged to have seen it. :)

    you captured the retreat perfectly.

    missing you too. xo.

  5. can i just copy your post and stick it into mine? i have had the hardest time putting into words how i feel about everything and everyone and you, my dear, said it beautifully.
    i love you and miss you.

  6. I would love to have you in my pocket too....I feel the same and so happy god put you in my car with your hooker bagage....miss you and I know we will get together somewhere again...


i heart love notes....