Monday, October 26, 2009


BLISS this weekend...

* creating this painting while listening to Pandora on a very relaxing, beautiful Saturday afternoon...and...being really pleased with the final sister REALLY wants her;
* hugs in the morning from my girls;
* great conversation over a couple beers with this lovely, amazing, inspring soul...i can never thank her enough for opening up my eyes to the creative path that was just waiting for me;
* spending time with really good friends while hanging out at the U2 concert...which was absolutely incredible...i might add! those boys can really put on a good show!! they are timeless;
* my baby losing yet another tooth...this time it is one of her two front teeth;
* another tooth fairy visit;
* cozy sweat pants, hair in a pony tail...letting the laundry wait. Hell, we all know it isn't going anywhere!!;
* all the yummy emails from my sisters who were at Be Present Retreats with me last weekend...sooooooo loving the love fest going on there;
* the company of my best friend.

so that kind of sums up what brought me "bliss" over this past weekend. What was blissful to you...please share.


  1. Love your painting! She's very sweet!!
    Love reading your post! What always brings me "bliss" is to do what I love and have love in my life :) Chocolates also make me happy ;)
    Thanks for the sweet comment darling :)

  2. Loving the BLISS! My fav word right now! I luv, luv, luv your painting.
    The closed eyes are awesome. Keep up the work, you've inspired me to get started on my sister portrait!

  3. Your painting is GREAT! It is seeping with bliss! I love your list and felt uplifted just reading it.

  4. awww...I love her and your list. You are fabulous!

    hugs from TX!

  5. my bliss was hauling my ancient, virus ridden computer up the stairs this morning to see this BEAUTIFUL heart wing sister that my "scarf sister" painted.
    you are amazing. i love her.
    i love you!
    other weekend blisses were...
    * the smell of pot roast cooking throughout the house.
    * watching my boys play football
    * painting.
    * a sunday afternoon nap cuddled with my sweetie.
    * one on one time with my 8 yr. old
    * knowing my girls were on a daddy daughter date with their daddy...sooo sweet!

  6. love letting the laudry wait....thats just summs it up...for me it was sleeping in on sunday and starbucks by myself and music...LOL G

  7. hey girl...
    we got to go to the Pilchuck auction on Friday night... meeting some incredibly talented artists from around the world that use our glass.. we donated the raw glass for the centerpieces... just a really fantastic experience... still working on the post ..
    the girls were dressed to kill... they looked gorgeous...
    sounds like your weekend was super 2...
    mona & the girls ;0)

  8. This painting make me happy! :) Your list is *AWESOME*

  9. she is gorgeous! i especially love the vibrancy of the colors. pure bliss.

    bliss this weekend:
    Starbucks caramel apple spice
    sleeping in
    a walk through the leaves with camera and puppy
    a walk/catch-up session with a dear friend
    phone calls with dear ones
    petting the puppy

  10. Love your artwork! Like the vibrant colors and expressive quotes you use. Keep, keeping on! :) I also love to paint. I just started my blog and doing all things creative!

  11. love this one!

    bliss is creating room for life to be just as it is...


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