Sunday, February 5, 2012

....sunday stirring(s) ... especially close to this mama's heart.

...i had many stirrings this week 
but the below short video clip stirred me deeply.  

I can relate first hand ... 
I can relate to people looking our way 
when my son may act out, etc....  

There was a time I thought we should carry 
a sign that says 
"my son has autism" 
and hold it up when anyone started 
to glare our direction or look at us as if thinking 
"why the hell can't you control you child".

I hope this small clip will help those who 
don't know about autism understand it a bit better 
and maybe, just maybe, 
think twice before they judge.

i hope you all had a beautiful, peaceful, 
loving, joy filled weekend.



  1. oh kolleen,
    this video is so good.
    straight forward, compassionate, truth.
    + in this, isn't he LOVEABLE?!
    big hugs, dear friend. oxoxo

  2. oh goodness..
    HUGE LOVE HUGS for you
    chandler too.

  3. Love this! Chandler is so lucky to have you for a mama. My family is so lucky to have my great nephew, Josh. Love that boy!

  4. thanks so much kolleen for sharing this. we are truly blessed parents to have a child with autism. i think we learn every minute of every day from these sweet children {adults}. i can't imagine walking in their shoes. i just hope and pray that people will stop and think a minute before they speak, gossip, point at or give a look. who are they to judge and who are we. it's not easy being a parent to these special children. though i know i would not change it for the world! your sweet love shows dearly towards your son as you share your deepest thoughts. thank you, for allowing all of us to see through your eyes what a true and special bond you two share. it's never easy but oh how it is worth it!! love you kolleen. xoxo

  5. i love you dear girl. yes, this video needs to be seen. you are a rock. know that....


i heart love notes....