Wednesday, February 8, 2012

....say whaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday and hat love

happy hump day all!!

i have a weakness, fetish, obsession ... 
(call it what you will)...
 with hats and bracelets ... and paper and journal and pens .... 
but for this post ... 
we are going to stick with hats and bracelets.

here are a few things i put together 
with my boyfriend "polyvore" .... 
showing off some of my favorite staple items.

boho love

simple go to day or night

daytime summer

i used to think the only reason i liked hats 
was because it prevented me from having to "do" my hair, 
which is part of it ... but also
 it is because i LOVE them and 
think they can add so much to an outfit.

so, tell me... 

what are some of your favorite "go to" items??

can't wait to hear!



  1. at least six bracelets up my arm.
    earrings. big ones.
    my chunky watch.
    cowboy boots.
    lip gloss.

    i love how each of these outfits screams KOLLEEEEEEN!!!!
    love you so.

  2. U and I share hat love. And the coolest thing about this new boyfriend Polyvore is it doesn't cost anything to have these amazing outfits! :)

  3. I love that I can picture you in each of the outfits you create. You and your hats are adorable!

  4. So cute & stylish! Funny thing is - I LOVE hats, but I don't wear them that often. I think I need to get more. :) My go to things are jeans & bracelets.

    PS Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog. :) I didn't make the changes myself. I wish I could. A really good friend of mine, Carrie from Ink & Mouse, did some redesigning for me. She is fab! (


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