Thursday, February 2, 2012

...i'm having an affair and now i am cheating on that affair!!

as if i didn't already have a completely unhealthy relationship 
with my computer due to facebook, email, blogging, etc...

Pinterest had to come along and 
we have started a mad love affair ... 

Pinterest causes me to swoon and drool and 
get my creative mojo set on high speed.  
I go to bed with thoughts of Pinterest and 
when our next rendevous  may be.  

Seriously, I feel like I can't get enough ... 
and I do warn all those who ask what it is 
how highly addictive it is ... 
I'm thinking I may need an intervention!!


 just when I thought it couldn't get worse ... 
i have began to cheat on Pinterest with Polyvore.  

Polyvore is a site where you can search 
for all kinds of items and create your own outfit 
from head to toe and share with your friends 
either via Facebook, your website or 
add to your boards on Pinterest!  
It taps into one of my big loves ... 
clothing, fashion, accessorizing .... 
so many hats to choose from and bangle bracelets!!

Here is a peak at some outfits I have created...

simply styled

winter time casual

channeling summer here in sunny cali

my style

great for spring and summer ... 

please, please, please tell me i am not alone here
in these love affairs I am having!!


ps...i have FINALLY listed a few things in my
etsy shop ... taking baby steps ... feel free
to take a poke around ... my "shop"
is on my sidebar!


  1. I just saw Polyvore the other day when I was browsing Pinterest (haven't taken the plunge, clearly I should not ;) and I did not realize that you could create your own looks! No! I must not look! I'm afraid Pinterest would be too addicting. It's addicting enough just looking at other people's pins when I pop on from time to time.

  2. You are way too darling.....And you are very bad to have turned me on to this sister!!!! But ..... I love ya... And thanks for all the fun I am going to have putting my outfits together..... ox

  3. You ROCK!! and no, you aren't alone! i truly have to force myself to stay out of the vortex, otherwise i get so sidetracked with all the pretties.

    i adore your polyvore concoctions!!! you are theeee most stylish chica i know!

    i am soooo proud of your for making those baby steps and getting some goodies in your shop. i am so madly in love with the leather cuffs!!!

    love you sooooo!!
    and miss you dearly.

  4. All those outfits look exactly like my bestie that i love and miss so very much!
    how cute are you.
    i can't even venture over to polyvore..just say no chrissy!
    pinterest is too addicting as it is.
    missed you again today, but every miss makes us closer to a HIT!!!
    love you

  5. you are so funny, but well-dressed for your affairs!

  6. LOVE those outfits!!! Ive never heard of polyvore but Ive heard and am addicted to Pinterest!!!!:O) Love the picture of you:O)

  7. You make me laugh Love! I'm heading over to check out your shop and to check out this other site too-love you!

  8. Oh, this is fun to see, but... you will not see me over there... no, no, no I am not going anywhere near any of the above!!

  9. sister you are GOOD. love everything you put together.

  10. I am hooked on Pinterest too! I can get lost in pinning. Love all your outfits, you're one cool chick! ♥

  11. i am so addicted to pinterest....much more fun than facebook. eye candy for visual folks. xoxo!

  12. This is too funny...cause I've been reading about pinterest all night! Think I might have t


i heart love notes....