Wednesday, December 7, 2011

say whaaaaaat wednesday??

(my work in progress ... more to come)

Gathering:  an assembly or meeting,
to cause to come together; convene;
to bring together into one group, collection or place

today i have been sitting here thinking 
about the beauty of "gathering"...
the necessity of it

gathering around a table to break bread 
and share laughter, tears, conversation, friendship;

gathering around a campfire to tell stories and sing;

gathering around a friend that may 
need to be lifted up, supported, heard, held;

gathering with my littles to show them 
love and comfort and safety;

gathering in a circle to look at one another,
pray, send out positive vibes, embrace;

gathering with others to share dreams and aspirations;

gathering with family and loved ones to 
create traditions and make memories.

what is a way in which you love to gather??

would love to hear...


  1. gathering all my snippets of thoughts about an idea or a project together, so i can start to make sense of them.


  2. Sweet Kolleen,

    I LOVE how you make me think... playing catch up on blog reading tonight, and I just adore all the topics you're writing about. The song you shared made me cry - so powerful!

    It doesn't matter where or what when I'm with the people I love. Getting to talk, laugh, share our dreams and goals, or even shed a few tears... being with people that fill me up makes the "where and what" less important. I just want to be with them.

    Hugs to you!

  3. I love the idea of gathering and wish it happended more for me.. everyone is always so busy we forget how important it IS to gather.

    big love

  4. Best Gatherings....
    My sons and their families around my kitchen table.
    A certain 3rd story room in a cabin in Idaho with the best women in the world!!!!
    The dock on the gulf watching the sunset.
    Thousands of fans at Lambeau Field, Christmas Day 2011, as the game clock comes to an end and we cheer our team to victory!! GO PACK! (you know I had to) ;)

  5. Put a group of creative women in a room together and you never know what could happen!! Lots of juicy conversation and laughter, always!! (wish I could do it more often....)

  6. what a beautiful post about gathering. It is so important to create these moments. These are the moments that connect us to one another and they create memories that live deep inside of us.

    I love how you talk about all the different gatherings and people you would gather with. All the little circles that make up each of our lives and the one thing that connects them all is us.

  7. gathering up all the funny moments of you and all my creative sisters that fill up the colorful shapes on this map we live.

  8. Gathering .... Wonderfully rich..... Wonderfully warm.... Wonderfully sweet..
    Seems women are gathering together to learn and love and share and be themselves ....... How sweet to be a part of a community of women that love and support you... Nothing better.... Nothing... ox

  9. right now i am just gathering around my oldest every single minute that i can....can't wait for my time to gather with you again!!!
    love you


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