Tuesday, October 18, 2011


are you living free??



  1. Absolutely!! I have so much freedom it scares me sometimes.... I guess because with a lot of freedom comes a lot of responsibility.... at least I believe that. I miss your questions!!

  2. i am sure not as i should. but i am working on it.

  3. Not as free as I want, but working towards it always... those moments when "someone" has to be the responsible one, but it battles the freedom that my soul wants... I don't like that at all!

  4. I'm such a free bird today that my hair is wild, my thoughts are full of possibility and my dogs want to dance with me!

    Happy Free Livin' to you, sistah =-)


  5. i love your free darling drawing!!
    i'm a hippie at heart (surprise, surprise,
    i know :) ) & so i'm always leaning into such wind. loooooove u, groovy girlfriend. XOX

  6. I love this question! It is multi-faceted for me though....
    Freedom can mean many different things can't it? I am free in the sense that I am able to live the kind of life I have always envisioned for myself (ie, stay at home mom and wife) so I am free of all the added stress another job outside the home brings! However, on a deeper level and, if I'm being honest, I am not free from some of the emotional baggage I carry with me. Need to work on that;) Thanks for the reminder!



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