Thursday, September 29, 2011

...a little messy

so... things have been a little messy over here lately.

many unanswered questions, frustrations and concerns.

as i sit with the "not knowing",  i am trying to 
remind myself of all i have to be grateful for.

i just took this picture right before i posted as a reminder ... 
and realized there are pictures i could take around every single corner of things to be grateful for.

i also have been busy at the hospital volunteering in the 
ART FOR HEALING program.  
I feel beyond blessed to be a part of this ... 
as i truly believe in all that it stands for.

it is putting SO many things into perspective for me.  
It has me taking a closer look 
at how I spend my time, just how much service work means, 
and how we all just want to be
 seen, heard, paid attention to.  

I am learning this through the patients I visit 
and the children I see in the surgery waiting rooms, 
awaiting mom or dad to get out of surgery ... 
seeing the smiles when I hand them 
crayons and pages to color...

life gets messy sometimes ... 
but i am learning that is when we have 
to really pay attention to all the goodness that is around us ... change our focus a bit ... readjust the lenses.

it seems to me that sometimes 
we need to embrace the messy 
to appreciate the clean.



  1. Dearest Kolleen,

    I'm sorry to hear that this is a challenging time. Your perspective is so true and real and this post resonates so much for me. JUST today I submitted my name to start being of service to an organization I feel very passionate about. I too believe everything you said about how everybody just wants to be heard. Everybody's story matters. You are a shining light in this world of ours. Your commitment to your family and your community fills me right up. I hope the messiness will clear soon... Thank-you for reminding me of the very important things in life. One of my absolute favorite quotes is this one: “There is a crack in everything.
    That's how the light gets in.”
    ― Leonard Cohen

    Much love, danielle xo

  2. Love you so much and know that you shine with a beautiful soul in all of the "messy" life you live... Beautiful sweet friebs!

  3. happy that i have you in my world. i love imaging
    you there at the hospital taking care of others with
    that warm love, big smile and wicked sense of humor.
    they are blessed to have you there in their corner.
    just as your family gets too.

    and the leonard cohen quote. wow! so true.

  4. That is such a wonderful post sweet friend. A great reminder for all of us to find the good. It's there, you just have to move all the clutter to find it! I love you!

  5. Saying prayers that your messy is lifted away for you soon... you are so right though... thank you for the reminder!

  6. Oh, I love, love, love the Art for Healing!! Sounds like a total win-win, providing much-needed support and then benefiting you in the process. How cool is that?? Kinda feel that way about doing hospice too, but I am between patients right now. Also love your being grateful perspective in the midst of the messy. Not easy to do, I know.... here is a quote I just read this morning: "Life breaks everyone... but some grow stronger at the broken part." Ernest Hemingway love that. Love and hugs to you.... XOX

  7. oh you precious gift, you! mmmmmmm

  8. so blessed by your spirit! I work everyday on my positiveness. You are an inspiration that whispers in my year during my messy times.

  9. Your words are tremendously honest and true!
    The messiness we are handed in this life always seems to wind up in the
    end being the blessings that teach me the most about myself, about others, about the world I live in.
    In the midst I have to admit that I can totally go to that place inside that questions or says why me?...but then some wonderful soul out there takes the time to write something such as in this post and it just smacks a girl right back to reality..
    And I say to you..thanks I needed that...Take Care!

  10. I loved this post. So many areas of my life have been messy for quite a while now and just yesterday I found myself stepping back and being grateful for what I have. Hope all is well at your end!


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