Thursday, October 27, 2011


just poppin in to say "hi friends!"

i am off to a MUCH MUCH MUCH NEEDED 
art retreat with the oh so fabulous Flora Bowley.   
I have been in such a creative funk ... 
i need her magic!!  
i love her vision and her art is so vibrant .... 
pure eye candy ... 
feeling blessed to be able to learn from her!

wishing you all a wonderful love filled weekend!!
and remember...

“When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, 
our work takes on the quality of play and 
it is play that stimulates creativity.” 
                  –  Linda Naiman



  1. Yea baby.... Have a blast and soak it all innnnnnnnn!!!! big hug and smooch to you.

  2. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! Can't wait to hug you tomorrow Love!

  3. Please have a great time and soak up some ART sunshine. Here's to getting your mojo back!! Have fun and take lots of pictures so we can all ooooh and aaaah over them.

  4. have a great time. i know you will SHINE!
    will want to hear all about it...

  5. have a wonderful weekend, may it fill and refresh you!

  6. Ohhh!!!! How exciting!~ Fill yourself right up to the brim with all her magic art dust! Have a blast. xoxo

  7. so excited for you~ I can't wait to hear all about it! Hope life is treating you well... xo

  8. I took her 2 day class this year at Squam ARt Workshops.. loved it and her..


i heart love notes....