Saturday, September 17, 2011

...a little place called harmony

earlier this week i was blessed enough to spend two nights in Cambria, CA with two of my girlfriends ... it was much needed girl time for all three of us.  

we had more fun that i can put into words ... 
i wanted to share in this first post about a 
sweet little town called Harmony.  
I believe the photos will speak for themselves ... 
i hope you all enjoy!

(and one more thing that makes this place 
that much sweeter, is that my friend Lisa was married here.)

happy weekend friends



  1. Magical!!! Thanks for sharing these sweet photos. We all need some sister time, don't we?

    Happy weekend Totes!

  2. Love it! Your pics really give a taste of Harmony! Great name! Glad you had fun. You are the cat's meow! <3's from M. :)

  3. gorgeous photos
    & you are such an
    amazing girlfriend...
    hugs hugs hugs

  4. What a beautiful quaint town!!! Love the morning glories and the bike amongst the flowers:O) Love all the treasures:O)

  5. I love this little town. I visit it often... magical... Such lovely photos sweetie. I'm so, all- over happy that you had a fun girl time..

  6. Oh my gosh, love the photos...looks like a dream!
    Happy for you to have that time with friends!

  7. what a beautiful little town. oh how i would love to visit there with you

  8. That town looks almost too idyllic to be true. I love it. Glad you had time there with your girlfriends.


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