Thursday, June 9, 2011

.....say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

happy "wednesday" my friends!!  
i hope you are having a wonderful week... and 
unlike me... actually know that today is NOT
wednesday but is really thursday!!!

(little painting i did yesterday...think i may do this on a big canvas...)

I am working on this more and more...

seeking the real...

seeking the real in me
seeking the real in my day to day life
seeking the real in my marriage
seeking the real in my relationships
seeking the real in others
seeking the real in my creativity
seeking the real in conversations i have
seeking the real with my children and being a mama

so...what about you...



ps...i cannot thank all of you enough
who read my last blog post regarding
my son and all of the beautiful comments...
it made my heart smile GIANT!!!
thank YOU!


  1. Okay.... Once again I must say you are adorable!!!

    I want to say that I am seeking..... Simple....... Just simple...... Just peaceful simple....... everything..........

    That is much harder to find simple than it sounds.... I am so working on seeking simple. I thank you so much for all of your support in my quest dear friend.

  2. Hi Gorgeous. Love this post and love you!

    I am seeking gentleness. Lots and lots of it :)

  3. I'm seeking answers in my quest to figure out what it is I should do with my life when it comes to my career. I lost my job about a year ago, and have been trying to determine what's "meant to be" for me, as well as listen to the creative part of me, that has too often felt stifled by some of the jobs I've had.

  4. Its hard to concentrate on this great post, when you look so dang hot in your picture!!!! Holy smokes girl!
    But...I love the message, the reminder...especially the REAL in me part, so that I can work on that too and apply it to everything. I love you beauty! xo

  5. Holly HOT MAMA!!! I totally get seeking the REAL! I've come to the point that I can no longer tolerate the unREAL in others...maybe that's why I'm becoming a hermit at this end of the world. I seek and crave REAL connections with local friends who have depth-real depth! I also seek the real in my work. I think that's why I needed to take it deeper-another level.
    Have a fantastic weekend! Thanks for the thought provoking post! xox

  6. I so get this too.. Ok so I have been working on this with my therapist because ok I figured out that I tend to say yes...Yes I can go with you or yes I love indian food. ( idont) I do it because I dont want to hurt anyones feelings but what I found out is that if I do that I will never get to know what Gloria wants and what she likes. So even though I may not be the most liked member of my family or friends for the next year I am going to learn my truth what I like or dont like ..Thats how I am seeking my truth for now.. I like this growing up thing and its scary too.. Love you my sweet friend...You make the world a better place..

  7. This is cute! And also great to seek :) I've just been seeking...direction! Purpose! Surviving summer! :)

  8. love your little blue haired pirate girl!

  9. I’m with Kelly – you look awesome! And so summery! I’m jealous – waiting for some warm weather here. What am I seeking? Flow, just ride the wave of creativity!

  10. Hi Kolleen, Love this post; I'm seeking me, in all the love of family, there is me that is trying to emerge. I love this post~ WE try every day to seek all there is and it is a journey that keeps blooming!
    I will check out your other posts! I love this dress on you, so flowery and pretty! You are blooming :D xXx

  11. I am currently seeking inner peace and more time with myself.

  12. Hello REALNESS! You are going to love this - in a flash last week (maybe it was this day you posted?) I was journaling & jotted down "Be The Real You Wish to See"! It came in a flash... I just finished coloring it yesterday!! I've been on the magical "real" train too, even more so since Sedona (what a magical land!) Woot-woo! I love the Synchronicity! I Love you so much sister bloom <3

  13. Kolleen,

    I finally get to leave a comment. Love your blog!!! So inspirational, I am really looking forward to reading more. Thank you for following my blog. I am brand new to this but we are having so much fun with all this sista LOVE!!



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