Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...on your heart

my littlest little is sick...
she is miserable and sad and 
feels like she is missing out on all the fun 
her sister and friends are having.  

i have tried to entertain her...
be with her, cuddle with her, 
talk with her, console her.  
i asked her to climb up on the bed 
next to me today and draw in my sketch book 
(if she wanted)...
she pulled it out, sat for a moment, 
looked over at me and said...
"mom, i don't know what to draw, and i usually know."  i simply told her, 
"draw what is on your heart love..."

this was the result...

(sydnie 6/21/11)

when your child hurts, 
you hurt just as much if not more...
and if you could carry that pain 
and take it all on yourself....
you would.  

that is simply what a mother would do 
and it is what i would have drawn today....
it was exactly what was on my heart.

hope you are all in good health 
and enjoying your summer.



  1. oh, sydnie. oh, kolleen. of course you hurt with her. sending love to both of you. hoping she feels better very soon.

  2. Awww...So sorry to hear your icklest is a poorly one...
    ♥"✿♥"♥✿"♥GET WELL ickle ONE♥"✿♥"♥✿"♥

    Love & hugs

  3. Poor little one, I hope she is better soon.

  4. this sketch, in turn,
    breaks my heart!
    ohhh, prayers for
    healing & joy

  5. Poor sweet babe :( And poor mama. Sending love to you both and hoping Sydnie is all better very soon.


  6. Oh...I hope Sydnie gets better so very soon! Shooting happy thoughts, prayers, and wishes of renewed health your way!! XXOO

  7. What a touching post...your daughter is so lucky to have a mother as caring and empathetic as you are...and also fortunate you've helped her to unlock her creativity and release her emotions through drawing and art! Caring, empathy, creativity, and catharsis are tools we all need in order to endure hardship and disappointment in life...sadly, not enough parents and educators impart these tools to children!

  8. i hope little syd is feeling better. give her hugs...

  9. how's that little one and her sweet mama?


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