Wednesday, October 27, 2010

....say whaaaaaaaaat wednesday

(at the stew in the infamous link)


so today i would love to know this....

what are you getting closer
to taking a leap with???

i feel myself getting closer and closer
to opening an online shop...especially
with all of the love and support i feel from so many of
my fellow bloggers, friends,
family, etc...

here is a pic of a few little nuggets
i have worked on over the months.
some of them may be making their way to arizona
for a dear friend of mine to display in a show she is in.
i am a bit nervous about this but
am truly starting to realize,
i will NEVER know
if i continue to stand on the ledge...
both feet firmly planted.

at some point.....
you need to

so, please share with me...
are you ready to jump off the ledge
with anything new and exciting???

all my love

(ps....i am still a bit love drunk here in cali. thank you to my soul sisters
who are in the stew with me!!)


  1. LEAP! You'll love the feeling!

  2. Leap dear girl....Leap. You are so so ready to fly! I adore you and I adore your work. Looking forward to seeing your shop open.

    And remember you are doing it because you love doing. What a gift to share a piece of yourself with someone else. The worlds needs your magic....let it swirl.

  3. jump, leap, dive in! you've got it, and there's no reason to hold back!

  4. Very proud of you! Glad you're gonna finally share your wondeful gifts.
    My leap.....I'm going back to school this January to study psychology. One day I'll be able to help families and children as a therapist. Maybe continue my education to specialized in post traumatic stress and autism. I want to help families. What better way to do it? Thanks for being part of my inspiration.
    Love ya!

  5. Love this! U go girl!
    I am leaping in the fact I'm finally gonna work on my book proposal and query this winter and get my book proposal written up and sent off to some agents/publishers.. I'm a writer.. I wanna finish my book!
    Plus I wanna focus on getting better w mixed media art and perhaps selling one day.

  6. Oh Kolleen!!! First of all, that picture of you in the link! I want to jump in the picture with you. You are SO leaping my friend! Its done. You can't stop it now- you were meant to leap! I just adore you and your journals. You are soooooooooo on your way. Makes me happy.

  7. Leap, my dear, leap! I am so cheering you on! The world needs more of you.

    I am thinking of ideas for a new teaching venture in the new year to help people when they need creative inspiration or help getting unstuck - I suppose that will be another leap. Wheeeee!

  8. If you leap, I'll leap with you!

    Exposing parts of you can be scary... AND also maybe the most important thing you'll ever do- Exciting! go for it!! What's to loose besides being completely aligned with your lovely, perfect, creative self!

    Looking forward to seeing your work :)

  9. I do understand the hesitation-it is a bit scarey-but you are a brave girl and I know you can do it! You know what I really want to do, but just dont know where to even begin...I want to write a book. I want to take that leap and begin a book proposal, but I just havent taken the leap. I need to do some research and figure out how to make the leap. But I am brave too, so I know I can do it-WE CAN DO IT ANYWAYS! xo

  10. get off the ledge! nothing wrong with starting slow and inching forward but at some point you do have to hold your breathe and fly. i know you have it in you.

  11. If you don't go for it, you'll always wonder...What if? Go ahead and leap heartwing sister!

    ps: thanks for love and prayers for me and my kitty♥

  12. are we going to have to shove you right off the ledge? leap already, baby! you have everything you need PLUS the angels have your back. the world needs you to SHINE your light (and SELL your stuff!).

  13. oh honey, it's a no-brainer. LEAP like you've never leapt before! NOW. do it, the world will be a better happier place.

  14. where should i start?
    you DON.T really want me to start in do you?

    i am leaping all over the just not landing anywhere comfortable so i keep taking off again....

  15. L ifting off...even
    E lephants would hope they could &
    A ll your chickens will & i will
    P ray for you & dance.
    love the link of course.
    Lord knows all my leaps. so many i'm just trying to keep my heart steady, darlin'!
    loooooooove you. xox

  16. Yes, yes! Here's to jumping off the ledge, taking the plunge, leaving the nest, hopping off the lily pad! I totally think that you should open an online shop, your glowing spirit would shine there! I (and my family) are getting ever closer to moving to a new city, that is our huge LEAP that has been coming on for a few years now. It feels like we are about to jump off of a cliff, but that feel right, Crazy! I'm loving hearing how you and Lori had such a great time as roomies, I'm sure that there was such fun going on with you two lovelies together! xo

  17. I just had to comment again because for some reason I read all the comments and now I am tearing up. Such love.

  18. WOOHOO! so excited to read this post and hear you are leaping - yay! your work looks gorgeous and yes yes yes send to AZ for the show. Leap fearlessly was my word of the year for 2010 and i am about to leap somemore and need to be brave.... oh so brave. Enjoy the rest of your day my lovely xxx

  19. Dearest Kolleen, I have seen this coming and know that you will LEAP when the time is right for you - not when anyone else says the time is right!! It has to come from within (I know you know that already!) I am thinking of leaping into doing some creativity workshops - kind of like little "mini-retreats" but just a day or half-day. It's in the planning stages....
    Thanks for asking and keep us posted!!!


  20. Leap Damn It ! hahahaha- sorry-just thought that would make you laugh. Love you so much !!!!!

  21. Go for it girl! These pieces look great! So glad you are opening up to all these new possibilities! You inspire me! :)

  22. That is right!!!! Way to go. When people ask me about starting a business I always say the the only difference between me and someone that I did it. Lots of people have talent. Not everyone does something with it. You can do this!!!

  23. Leap, jump, soar, fly...however you do it, dahling, do it with pure abandonment in beautiful Kolleen style!!!

  24. I love you and so believe in you ........ you are glorious sweet one!

  25. I'm so excited for you Kolleen...keep going!

  26. yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i adore your heartwingsisters! and YOU!

    do IT!!! do IT!!!

    Go now!

    Love LOVIN YOU!!!!!!!



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