Wednesday, October 13, 2010

say whaaaaaat wednesday??

i hope your week is treating
you well and you are smiling!!

this past week i gave myself the gift of
unconditional love, creative freedom,
laughter until my stomach hurt,
safety amongst fabulous women,
nurturing, being fed like royalty,
community, new-found lifelong friendships,
learning new creative techniques,
bearing witness to healing with love,
listening to inspiring women share
their stories and learn of their perseverance,
walks in the most beautiful setting,
countless hugs and smiles, wonderful music,
memories to last a lifetime,
surrounding myself in a circle of
love, love, love, love, love.

and believe it or not, i received these
gifts all in one place.

McCall, Idaho
(there is so much more i want to share...still
struggling for the words)

(do yourself a favor...
run don't walk to the next camp that isn't already full...
i promise you will receive all of that and then some)

so...i would love to know this...


i feel it is really important to remind ourselves
that we are worthy of these gifts and it is really
important for us to take care of ourselves!
We are Better For It!!!!!

so please share!!



  1. oh STOLE my answer.
    why do you always beat me?
    ok, my second answer would be...
    the gift i have given myself lately is the gift of trusting in a friendship that i wasn.t expecting, but that has become one of the dearest treasures i own. a friendship where i feel 100% completely safe and where i have the ability to truly be ME.... the good, the bad and the ugly....and i KNOW i am going to be loved anyway.
    thank you my little "gift"...

  2. Lovely post Kolleen! So happy for you that you had such a wonderful amazing experience! I am sure you will carry in your heart always!

    The gift I gave myself is allowing myself to be open to a creative life . . . and letting myself create and feeling its purpose in my life.

    So glad to have met you along this journey! :)

  3. Fabulous post Kolleen... so very glad to have had this experience with you and to have met your beautiful spirit and got to see your fantastic smile!!!

  4. The gift I will give myself is the gift of more opened eyes to the truth.. the truth I need to see more often in my life.. that truth that tells me I am worthy of good friends, love and compassion. I walked away fr last week with so much. My heart got stuck like Mikal shared, and inside my heart was processing so much. I am changed just as you are Kolleen. I give myself the gift of hope.. hope for a better life, a better future. Hugs to you xoxooxx Love you dearly. xoxoxox

  5. Wasn't that the most wonderful gift? I'm giving myself time each night to "art my heart" away!

    Happy day to you,


  6. Love your questions beautiful, wise Kolleen <3 Well I just seem to be spoiling myself silly lately...BGC was the best thing I have ever given to myself, and actually I think God gave that one to me, so I wont count that...I have just signed up for Seaside Suaray, an art retreat in that is a gift I am giving myself, but I decided to return my new UGGS cuz I can only recieve so many gifts at once and feel good about it-hahaha
    I love you my sister-forever xo

  7. i am soooooo happy for you, kolleen!!!
    lately, i have given myself...listening
    more closely to what my intuition says
    & taking it more seriously than ever before.
    (1 week, baby!). xox

  8. What a great post- it sounds so wonderful there. Today I gave myself the gift of getting my hair cut/colored at my favorite Aveda salon and I bought some products :)

  9. What a wonderful gift. And you are so worth it.

    This week, I am giving myself the gift of rest. Or on a deeper level, the gift of listening to myself and trusting the message, since I have been asking for rest for months and ignoring the message.

  10. The gift I give myself is visiting your blog, dahling!! I always come away with a smile, a feeling of happiness, and the love you radiate so warmly to us all.

    So happy to hear you had such a beautiful adventure full of so much L.O.V.E. Awesome blossom!!

  11. Nice post Kolleen. Thanks for sharing yourself so openly. My gift was uncovering a positive belief I have about myself.. I think far too often we get stuck in the negative, critical ones!

    Peace to us all.


  12. oh girl! I miss you so much!! I hope that we see lots of eachother. we are so close!!! we have to make time k? miss you miss you miss you!

  13. What an inspiring post:O) My gift to myself is to enjoy every moment in my life and not stress:O)Thanks for sharing:O)


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