Monday, August 17, 2009

have you?

she wants to know if you have???
she is my little creation and i think she has a sweetness to her.
today as i was leaving a restaurant with my two youngest daughters...a gentleman asked "is that your daughter??" and i said "you bet" ( totally claimed her because she was behaving!!! ; ) ). he said "wow you are a little young to have a daughter wearing a shirt that states "Peace" and "Love" with peace symbols all about it." i said "yes i wasn't around during the 60's but i certainly try to teach my children all about peace and love." i didn't have to be around during that era to want my children to care for one another, care for all that is around them, take care of each other and all that is around them, try to be non-judgmental, look for the good in everyone and work for peace in all situations, right?!?! PEACE ONE AND ALL IN BLOG LAND!XOXOXO


  1. That's so sweet, plus you gotta love the "you look too young..." comments!

  2. I'm not much of a tree hugger myself, but who knows it's never to late to try something new eh? ;)

    Hubby has ordered me a spanky new 'white gloss' 19 inch wide screen monitor, so i'm a happy lady now, just got to wait for it to arrive *yay*

    Micki x

  3. what a sweet piece of art!!! thanks for popping by!!!


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