Friday, August 7, 2009

conversations w/ a 6 year old

hey....that could be a title to a book!! hmmmmmm.......

ANYWAY....i HAD to post this conversation i had with my youngest in the car a couple of days ago. she is such a free spirit, full of piss & vinegar, and has a love/lust for life that we all should have!

so, with that being said here is our convo ver batim... (or i should say hers since i didn't have any time to respond)

syd: "mom, i really, really love God even though i can't see Him and i don't know Him....(takes a little breath) - i really LOVE the way tori dresses, i want to get some clothes just like her!!"

God, i love her and her little mind!!


  1. Oh, that's just great! Going from God to Tori in the same sentence. Well, she knows what she loves... :) Silke

  2. That is just too adorable! I wish I would have written down all those cute things when mine were little. It reminds me of when my son was little and he was complaining about "why do we have to go to church!" We explained it was God's house, etc. He replied, "well I don't know why WE have to go, HE never shows up!" Enjoy the cute stuff now!!

  3. K thank you, this was music to my ears today.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Hehehehe....I love the things little ones say!

  5. oh how sweet! She is ADORABLE.


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