Monday, April 27, 2009


I've caught it!!! I have it!!! I am having major issues focusing and staying on top of my everyday duties due to SPRING FEVER!! I just want to sit outside in the sun with a good book and take it all in. We have had some lovely weather here but can feel the heat coming right around the I am really wanting to enjoy these 75 degree days!

My sweet little hippie chick is a spring lover too! My oldest asked for this one to go in her room...made me feel good that she liked it well enough to have it on display (so to speak)!!
I hope you are all enjoying nice weather where ever you may be! I think the spring fever bug is a good one to catch! xoxox

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  1. Loving the warmer weather, would appreciate a bit cooler so I don't have to sweat while I'm unpacking. lol Hope ya day is beautiful. Hugs~


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