Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Okay...really?!?! I think I could have headed up the Pity Party Parade yesterday! I would have been a grand leader!

Thanks to those of you who posted some suggestions and wisdom with regards to inspiration or the lack thereof! It really helped me. And listening to my 6 year old earlier today helped as well.

I realized today how inspiration is is all around us! Sometimes in the most simplistic of on the side of a cereal box or listening to the conversation between my youngest daughter and husband about the weather!

I will say though, today I have received the most inspiration from you guys. You beautiful, amazing, talented, courageous, outrageous, extraordinary souls! THANK YOU!

So I decided to make up my own award for those who inspire me and simply call it the

"You do inspire me" award

I would like to recognize some of those lovely individuals who do just that and who reminded me today that inspiration is abundant and everywhere. I just think there are moments we need to seek it out and maybe look a bit harder. So cheers to all of you...and thank you so much for your authenticity and creativity!!


Poetic Dreams
The lovely Gaffer Girls

Flor Larios Art
Purple Cat
Hot Tamale Studio

And last but certainly not least I would like to recognize someone who truly inspired me to even remotely begin to attempt painting...

Kelly Rae Roberts

Her paintings and her blog are SO inspiring. She emanates truth, beauty, kindness, adventure ...and, as she puts it ,"belief in possibility"! Thank you Kelly Rae!! Also I highly recommend her book. The book in itself is a work of art and SUPER DUPER INSPIRING! It is a dream of mine to one day meet her and better yet to take one of her classes! (HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE!!)

So thank you to ALL of you - it just took me to have a day (or possibly more) of the pity party parade! Keep inspiring...I KNOW you all will! xoxox


  1. Ya so very welcome hun. Ya know ya inspire me, by being a strong woman for ya girls. They look atcha and know ya can always acheive new dreams and nothing is beyond their reach. Wishing ya a beautiful night hun. Big Hugs~

  2. Awww, that is so nice. Thank you! :) Sounds like we have both been in a funk these past weeks. I am slowly climbing out. I never feel creative when something is wrong. Now that my son is getting over his asthma I am starting to feel that creativity again. That is always a good feeling isn't it? You have such beautiful children! Love the picture.
    Thanks again,

  3. thanks sweetie..
    mona & the girls
    I'm still waking up from my winter hibernation.... bear to man...
    happens every year.. I've quit fighting it!
    hope you see some sun tomorrow......
    working on the garden in the sun this weekend..

  4. Aww thanks hun, thats so lovely!

    Kids are a great sourch of inspiration, my 10 year old son just decided this morning that he wants to be an Archaeologist and was asking what classes he would need to study when he goes to high school. *bless*

    Micki x

  5. Thank you so much!!! I'm honored to be in such good company!! and Kelly Rae Roberts has this way of writing and inspiring that is her gift to all artists! She's wonderful!! Just remember the funk will pass...sometimes it's our way of recharging and then suddenly we will be filled with ideas :o)xo Michele

  6. WOW Thanks so much. I am touched that you were inspired. This hits me in a time when I need it the most. I thank you so so much for that. Bless you!
    Hugs and Hugs again Shelley

  7. Aww! Thank you so much. Remember there is inspiration everywhere, especially in your children! Have fun!

  8. Thanks so much it is such an encouragement to me, and beleive me some days I need that!

  9. Thanks so much!!!
    Your workshop sounds wonderful...would love to hear more about it! Love Kelly Rae's book!
    Love your blog and hearing about your life:)


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