Monday, May 9, 2011

snail mail, a lovely shop and monday music

i cannot begin to tell you 
how happy it makes me
when i open my mailbox and 
find "snail mail" in there.

a smile immediately comes to my face 
and my heart is warmed.

today i was blessed to open a box of 
sweet little treasures from 
the ever so talented and lovely Becky Shander.

becky's creations are like no other...
she amazes me with her endless creative prowess
and her beautiful way of looking at life.

you will find becky's article on these sweet littles she made 
(and how big of a smile did i get when i saw my name on one of them!!!)  

THANK YOU BECKY!!  i will cherish these always!!

today my brave girl sister Jeanne launched her new line at her yourself a favor and take a look.  
(make sure you have your credit card in hand)  
Jeanne's creations are so beautiful...
you are going to want one of each!!! 
(i'm loving this tote
(and Jeanne is just as beautiful as her creations, inside and out!)

Lastly, my soul sister Serena posted this 
and I couldn't stop watching. 
(just like she mentioned)

It is priceless...
"Lend me your eyes I can change what you see
But your soul you must keep, totally free"

  happy monday my friends


  1. Hi Kolleen. Love your parcel : ) & am so amazed that we could sit here so far away & watch this sweet wee video too!! I love that the kids were singing with their whole hearts & so much passion. Thanks for sharing it with us! Much love Catherine

  2. oh yes! becky's creations are tender brilliance.
    ohhh, & look at these children into the FREE.
    treasures you keep here, dear one.
    see you soooooon. XOX

  3. all

    have you watched any of the other songs from this choir. so good.

    Isn't it amazing how many beautiful gals we have met along the way?


  4. love you dear girl!!! i love your passion for those you love. what a gift you are my love!


i heart love notes....