Wednesday, May 11, 2011

say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday??


i love music...i mean
i don't know where i 
would be without it, 
as it is...without a doubt
theee best therapy i have ever had!!!


if you could master one instrument,
what would it be??

i have visions of learning to play
the acoustic guitar really well...not sure
if my 39 year old brain and fingers 
have the capacity!!!!  
we shall see....

i am off on a little adventure...
time to create and connect!!

happy rest of the week/weekend my friends!


  1. I love music too! It has been a great healer and like you said, its a kind of therapy! And I always wanted to learn to play the piano. Ever since I was a little girl. Maybe one day! :)

  2. Well,I have a piano but never play it. I played violin for a couple of years and then switched over to flute. I still have it and I still love. Do I ever play it?? Sadly, no. One of these days tho, I will do it! And, yes, music is HUGELY important to me!!!

  3. funny that you should ask..because my dad & stepmom are downsizing into a condo this year and so the piano is coming back to me. I played growing up..but haven't in years - mainly because I didn't have access to a piano! So I'm hoping that I actually play it...and it doesn't just collect dust. :) Enjoy your adventure!

  4. Like K8, my parents piano has made its way into my house recently. I had lessons when I was little and have loved sitting down trying to play. It makes me wish I would have stuck with the lessons. My family probably wishes that too! ;) Every night we try and turn the TV off...go in the "music" room as we like to call it & play piano, play guitar (the hubby likes to play), draw, read...the kids love it! I hope you had a fabulous adventure!!!

  5. I made my own hand drum a few years back and I acquired a violin about a year ago. I pulled it out a few days ago and followed my husband around the house pretending to serenade him...if only I could play it!

  6. I love music too and couldn't live without it! So glad I married a musician because my brain never could grasp piano or the guitar. But I'm a fabulous groupie to my man's guitar picking =-)

    Happy Day, Dahling...

  7. Drums.. love connecting to that beat.. my husband plays guitar and I love listening to him just jam.

  8. I always wanted to be a rock and roll drummer! I used to sit in front of my mirror as a teen and play the air drums while listening to the GoGos! hahahaha...but now I think my choice would be the guitar also. It would be so fun to take it around and get to play it just anywhere...

  9. I agree! Guitar! I've always been able to sing well, but I want to be able to accompany myself. Somehow, one feels safer hiding behind a guitar, lol! But when? In between painting, parenting, wifing, gardening...sigh...


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