Friday, May 8, 2009

mom's day

first off i would like to wish all the beautiful, amazing, wondrous mamas out there a HAPPY MOM'S DAY weekend!!!! i hope each and every one of you does something special for YOU!

i wanted to post my latest little creation. i painted her for my mom-in-law who has to be THEE best cook and baker i have ever met! plus she is 100% Italiano!! i hope she likes her! my thought is...i realize my paintings are very kid like and amateur, however, they come from my heart so i would think there is no better gift than that. right?!?


  1. so cute!
    i think she will love it!!!
    happy belated mom's day!

  2. Thank you so much!! :) I like this song. I will have to download it from itunes!

  3. your mom inlaw is so lucky to have you....
    she is so cute...
    hope you had a lovey dovey day with your kids


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