Tuesday, May 26, 2009

how cute is this

i just love this little clutch i found over the weekend at the sweetest antique store. don't you just love it when you stumble across something this cute and it is 50% off?!?!? MADE MY DAY!!
i find browsing quaint little antique stores brings alot of inspiration my way. it also really makes me heartsick for my grandma! there were so many things in this store that reminded me of her...i wish i would have taken pictures of all the things so i could post them up! there were beautiful, hand stitched hankies, old fashioned clip earrings, and of course sweet little coin purses. oh how i wish i would have held on to some of those things that she once had...but as we all know they are just "things" and clearly from how i felt walking through there...the memories of my grandma and her spirit are very much still with me. i love you grandma and know that you are smiling down on me!
happy tuesday!!

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  1. I know JUST what you mean, hun! I miss my Grandma too - something fierce. I know I'll see her again though. Hugs!!!


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