Monday, August 1, 2011

...dear august

Dear August,

Let's be friends and 
groove together to this...
maybe create a bit (or alot) to this...
sing real loud to this...
get unpacked and settled in to this...
(moving really sucks btw...even though i know it will be worth it!)

Let's make it a GOOD last month of summer...
with fun and laughter and memories made.


So...what's the plans for your last month of summer??


  1. Create, create, blog, create....and ride my bike by the beach in between :)

  2. kolleeeeeen!
    that is the sweetest you in yellow!
    i leap to huuuuug you!
    a weekend coming at the cabin :)
    attempting to balance time w/our boys
    w/time creating...
    running, friendship, play.

  3. miss kolleeniebolleenie.....i miss you.
    i watched modern family the other nite
    and wanted to cry. i can always here
    you giggling from the west coast
    or i am sitting there, thinking...holy
    moses she is going to crack up when
    she sees this!

    so what have you been working on, besides unpacking.
    make time to create.

  4. hey sweetie. i am spending august at a little family reunion (hubby side) and then preparing for a whole month with my tobie, shane and two little monsters in ann arbor. yipee kai aye!

  5. LOVE this song! I hope you get to do it all,
    and groove all month long!!

  6. Love this post Kolleen! Wishing you a great august!! I am hoping to enjoy some more creating over the next few weeks! xo

  7. Deal Love!
    My plans for August are simply to soak in all the sweet sunshine that I possibly can! xo

  8. Busy over here painting the inside of the house and putting in new floors. Hopefully squeezing in some art time too!
    Hugs to you and your sunny dress!


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