Wednesday, July 6, 2011

say whaaaaaaaaaat wednesday???

happy wednesday my friends!!!

I don't know about anyone else...but i know that
sometimes I get lost....
vear off course, lose my way.

sometimes I really have to quiet 
my heart and my mind and 
listen for the whispers.
sometimes I need to TRUST ... 
truly trust in the whispers and remember to

trust my path.




  1. oh kolleen!
    i looooooove that photo of "trust your path"!!!
    that could be framed, dear heart!!
    (& love to the peace & love bits on the page!)
    hmmmm, lately for me,...prayerprayerprayer (through my foggy brain/been a lil' sick!).
    looooooove u! xoxox

  2. Love this post sweet kolleen! It is inspiring to me. Lately I have felt a bit lost but I am glad I stopped here this morning! xo

  3. Yes, I agree...being still on the inside is important. And doing this regularly is good too. Enjoy your quiet and calm, and trust what you hear.

  4. I put my trust in me, I dont trust anyone, Love the post Thanx for sharing:O)

  5. Oh, Kolleen, yes, off the path.... I can relate. This heat has me crazy - I get so dysfunctional and hate that I don't have the energy and motivation to do my "regular stuff". I'm a lazy oaf (is that a real word??) I'm trying to stick with at least some of my routine practices.... like journaling and meditation, but it's a challenge. Thankfully, we are supposed to get our regular ocean-inspired weather back tomorrow... I'm ready. I just want to dive into that water....

  6. I started a new job three months ago, and I'm putting my faith in the fact that I really do love opposed to other positions I've been in that haven't made me nearly as happy...or happy at all.

  7. I am learning to trust the whispers of my heart in more than just a rare moment. It's amazing how hard it is, but I expect it will be worth it in the long run.

  8. Hi sweets..I believe I have been trying to put my trust in me. My confidence. I have been trying to get myself to a point thats not yes gloria you can do it, but more of a why wouldnt you be able to do it G...So I feel that the trust I have been trying to achive is to trust me...

  9. I can so relate to this post today. Working hard to surrender and let my truest whispers speak to me.

  10. Dear Kolleen, that is just the most adorable photo of you! Really!! Getting lost and off course? I think I am master in that. I was just thinking today how calm my summer has been and how much more on track I feel. But - for that to happen other things had to go on the back burner. Like blogging. Why can't I do it all?!? :) Trusting in the process... Love, Silke


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