Monday, June 8, 2009

hangin with my chick

this painting says it all!! i heart hanging out with my daughter. Well, actually I have three daughters and I do heart hanging out with all of them...but this painting was inspired by my 6 year old. I am so much enjoying her and just being with her. I am not sure if it is simply because i am at a healthier place in my life or because I know she is it...she is my baby! I HEART HER!!


  1. What a cute painting! I love the cheerful colors and the happy words! :) Silke

  2. Lovely painting :) its great that your daughters love doing art with you, and great that you encourage them!

  3. Very cute, and of course your no 1 fans must adore it!

  4. thank you for your kind comment over on the inspirational blog :-)
    love your kids artwork! so much fun


  5. I love the picture. One of the nicest I have seen in a very long time. I wonder if it is because I have two daughters and one son and a granddaughther too.

    They grow up very fast.

    How lucky you are to have your children.



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